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  1. CoherentRays

    The great American eclipse Aug. 21 2017

    Since I live in Laramie, Wyoming, I'm about 50 miles from the edge of the totality path or about 100 miles from the center of that path. I definitely want to travel to the path, but I might have to miss it because of my wife's health. Wyoming weather is usually pretty clear in the summertime...
  2. CoherentRays

    Thermal Imaging Camera

    I recently bought a FLIR ONE to use with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and haven't used it much yet, but when I have played with it I haven't noticed any pauses for calibration. I left the calibration setting at the default of automatic, but you can change that to manual in the settings menu and then it...
  3. CoherentRays

    Laser probes antimatter to verify relativity

    After decades of effort, physicists have probed the inner working of atoms of antihydrogen—the antimatter version of hydrogen—by measuring for the first time a particular wavelength of light that they absorb. The advance opens the way to precisely comparing hydrogen and antihydrogen and, oddly...
  4. CoherentRays

    What's your first memory of a laser pointer?

    Interesting question. I'll add a few points to your rep too. The first real use of a laser pointer that I remember was by a doctor we went to back in the 1980's and 90's. I don't remember exactly when, but he started using a low power red laser pointer to promote wound and scar healing...
  5. CoherentRays

    save the magnet spheres!

    Possibly, but I think, from reading the previous posts, that the Zen Magnets company that imports these into the US has a much tighter quality control standard to insure that the coating and sizing is more precise resulting in better patterns and shapes. See the comparison of the Zen Mags with...
  6. CoherentRays

    save the magnet spheres!

    Sorry for the necro-post but I thought this thread needed an update. I didn't even know about Zen Magnets until I read this thread a year ago and I found out that their sale had been banned. I subscribed to their legal battle updates anyway, figuring that they'd never be available again...
  7. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Helpful hint for Dems trying to figure out what went wrong: https://youtu.be/vKOb-kmOgpI Ed
  8. CoherentRays

    Need help buying my first laser!

    Ahhh...gotta read more carefully. Thanks for the correction. It's confusing when that term is used for both the driver and the diode. Ed
  9. CoherentRays

    Need help buying my first laser!

    You've gotten generally good information here except for the following. This is not correct. Single vs multi mode does not refer to user switchable variable power output of the laser but rather it refers to how the laser is formed. There is a discussion of laser modes in this thread below...
  10. CoherentRays

    Genesis Project: my RGB White Rainbow - Proof of Concept build.

    That's a daunting looking project to take on. I'm impressed and I'll be following your progress. Good luck. Ed
  11. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    What legitimate news site did you find this story on? This story apparently originated from an anonymous facebook post. Even the political conspiracy-mongering site, InfoWars, doesn't state that it actually happened, only that it's "not unlikely" it did. The version of this story that was...
  12. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    That looks bad but I'll bet there's more to the story than you can see in that video. It seems pretty obvious that they were baiting the protesters and reedy to film the results with their cameras. At about 2 minutes into the vid you can see an American flag being waved from inside the jeep...
  13. CoherentRays

    Do I get to Pop my own ballons ???

    And, a belated Happy Birthday. I missed this thread the first time around. Ed
  14. CoherentRays

    Happy Birthday Mr Alaskan.

    Happy birthday, Alaskan. Stay safe and come back to friendlier territory as quickly as you can. By your gauge, I still have five years left before I become old. Ed
  15. CoherentRays

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Yes, I remember when I was in grade school we sometimes would call it poppy day. A veterans' organization would sell paper poppies with the proceeds going to a disabled veterans organization. We would all buy and wear the poppies, probably without fully understanding the full meaning of the...
  16. CoherentRays

    Happy Veteran's Day

    I hadn't even noticed that it's Veteran's Day until I went to lunch at my favorite restaurant and got a free meal along with a "Thank you for your service." When I was young, November 11th was know as Armistice Day in celebration of the end of the first world war. I don't remember when, but...
  17. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Absolutely! Now, how to get the politicians to actually enact those changes. Ed
  18. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Depending on how many people in your region think as you do, you might want to stock up on Preparation H before the election in case there's a run on it on Nov 9th. :D Ed
  19. CoherentRays

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Time magazine's latest "Meltdown" cover: Donald Trump Meltdown: Magazine Cover on Republican War Ed
  20. CoherentRays


    Wow, thanks for posting that. I didn't know that cap guns were still being made. I had several cap guns when I was a child in the late 40's but my favorite one was a cowboy revolver that, instead of using the paper roll strips of 50 shot caps, used paper disks that had six caps on them. I...