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  1. 10fenny

    Announcing: "The Radiator"

    Pew goes the Radiator! I cant wait to knob twist at SELEM!
  2. 10fenny

    685nm and 690nm laser diodes

    I had a 685 build awhile back. It wasn't anything too special.. but pics came out really cool with it
  3. 10fenny

    **UPDATED:- )__FEELER FOR DFWTEXLEM in Oct2019 cancelled ****THE LEM Thread......SELEM, TEXLEM..any LEM--

    Super excited for selem. Flying out to Raleigh and getting picked up there. Paul have you ever been to nwlem? It's usually in Portland
  4. 10fenny

    how to focus a beam?

    Agree on the focus lens... sometimes when the host has it's own focus ring... the lens will screw too far into this ring and makes it impossible to get a full focus. You could lock the lens into the orignial ring after a turn or two...
  5. 10fenny

    Please Help with my first Laser Purchase

    Take a look at x laser units.. Adam the owner is a great guy and will help you get your paper work together as well... what software you plan on using. Lsx is fairly cheap and works with etherdream and other dacs.. I was just playing with my 3.4watt kvant last night at a family bbq.. good times...
  6. 10fenny

    Anyone here used thermal switches (cutoffs) in their builds?

    You got room for a tec unit?
  7. 10fenny

    questions regarding the rules

    Thanks guys!! Good to be home! Never thought ide miss mountains and trees!!!
  8. 10fenny

    how to focus a beam?

    Who'd you buy it from? Did you contact them about the focus?
  9. 10fenny

    questions regarding the rules

    Lil late here but I'm in Portland now again!! Paul I'm back!! I'm actually in the se Portland area. Good luck on the repair. Quite a few of us in portland
  10. 10fenny

    Laser Driver TTL confusion.

    Looks like an aixiz driver clone! Ide check the pinout on those
  11. 10fenny

    Wanted To Buy: ThorLabs WR1 Can Opener

    Good to know stuff here. I almost bought one of those tools but there spendy!!
  12. 10fenny

    Oklahoma wildfires 4-13-18

    That beam needs to hit some galvos!! ;)
  13. 10fenny

    Any place newbies can post questions?

    Sent a pm! It will help getting started
  14. 10fenny

    Any place newbies can post questions?

    you could pm me and i can help you get your searches in order!!! your also gonna hear people that you need to introduce yourself and add location
  15. 10fenny

    Liquid Sky with 150mw

    I've seen it where to attatch a mirror from the outer frame to the center cone! When the beats hit it will actuate the mirror when the laser is pointed at it. Yet to try it though I have projectors now!!
  16. 10fenny

    What to point laser at that WON'T burn?

    Re: What to point laser at that WON' burn? Def not you pants, couch, or pillows!!! I found that out last night getting my projector up and running again!! Ha I mean I already knew that but it was a Lil suprising. Also drapes and curtains. My wife loves the Lil pin holes I've made over the years
  17. 10fenny

    “The Walking Dead” Blucille Laser bat!!

    You could use a small cutoff wheel and go down the length and hide the wires... then go over the gap a few times with some model paint or nail Polish.
  18. 10fenny

    Will my tank glass be safe?

    Who knows... could be the ever elusive glass laser cut game bandit!!
  19. 10fenny

    Will my tank glass be safe?

    You will have stray reflections for sure!! So third for safety glasses!! Make sure no one else is in the room. Got any fish in there? Don't wanna blind them either. Trying to kill some aptasia...? Lemon juice injection works too.. been there
  20. 10fenny

    Omg I found my first post on here!

    I don't want to see my first post!! Ha