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  1. Arayan

    FS: 3.2W Deluxe LaserBee II

    The object is near new and I sell for 300$ shipping included! Here the specifications from J. Bauer Electronics https://www.laserbeelpm.com/3.2w-deluxe-laserbee--ii.html
  2. Arayan

    FS, Price Drop: two very good pointers

    First :) Polished aluminum Ehgemus host with 445 nm, M140 diode Specs are as follows: Diode: M140 Driver: FTM Boost/buck @ 1.76A Thermal epoxied to a heatsink Lens: 405-G-1 Single element Battery: Single 18650 Focus: Adjustable with focus adapter head and internal lens spring for tension...
  3. Arayan

    A desktop-size 10 TW laser

    The art of amplification: A desktop-size 10 terawatt laser :drool::drool::drool:
  4. Arayan

    Hypotetical laser pointers Vs Moon

    Laser Pointer :eek::eek:
  5. Arayan

    FS: heat exchanger, inverter and 2 batteries for co2 laser

    All you can see (functioning and used very little) for 130€ excluding shipping.
  6. Arayan

    FS: two uncommon lasers

    For sale A: a CNI-style (bought from Styropyro) 100 mW 473nm handheld laser (peak about 115 mW) with interlocks, 18650 battery not included. Safety features include aperture slide cover, key lock, dongle. LED indicator, and 5 second start delay. The divergence is under 1mRad and beam profile is...
  7. Arayan

    The Manta "Ray" Laser

    Hello guys :) I want to show a new gadget by AnselmoFanZero (1.3W, 445nm). It's very tiny and is equipped with an intersting plug that functions as main switch! This plug is also used to charge the battery with a wall adapter. Video :D XE15s17OywM
  8. Arayan

    beamshots outdoor

    Nothing special, I want just to share with the community that yesterday night, me and a friend of mine (Realista on the forums) made some beamshots in a very desolate place :D
  9. Arayan

    lightning bolts from laser beams

    I don't know if it was already posted but I think that could be interesting... Picatinny engineers set phasers to 'fry' | Article | The United States Army
  10. Arayan

    My new 635 nm!!

    Yesterday has finally arrived my new pocket 635nm, 375 mW pointer by Wolfman29... the Copperhead :D It's a tiny, sleek stainless steel host and it measures only 9.5 X 1.3 centimeters. ...immediately tested with my new Laserbee II Deluxe :) Unfortunately the high room temperature (approx...
  11. Arayan

    it's a real pleasure doing business with 2007Revolution

    I'm very satisfied with my z-bolt two-beam laser!! It's a very nice pointer :D Z-Bolt&#174 BTG-7 | Red & Green Laser Pointer Thanks for the laser and the great communication! :beer:
  12. Arayan

    Jack Tramiel R.I.P.

  13. Arayan

    CO2 Laser VS an egg!

    Just for fun :p ...please avoid comments on the fact that this is a stupid thing... I already know ... it's only a request from a friend :D :D :D XLhwjEXMXy8&list=HL1331919218&feature=mh_lolz
  14. Arayan

    FS: Van De Graaff Generator on ebay

    ...if this may be of some interest for someone :D Van De Graaff Generator / Generatore di Van De Graaff | eBay
  15. Arayan

    SOLD: LaserBee IX 2100mW + DIY case

    The object is near new and I sell for XXX without the shipping costs! The reason is because I want to buy the Laserbee II deluxe ;) karCHkxdE2o&feature=youtu.be Specifications Power Supply: 7-12 Volts DC (9Volt Alkaline Battery recommended) Sensor...
  16. Arayan

    a part of my collection

    I wanted to show some beamshots from my pointers collection, but unfortunately I love the lasers but not to take pics :( First of all my NEW 100 mW 473 nm from Styropyro :) Comparison with a DIY 1.3W 445 nm Laserglow Rigel-2 (594 nm) Mix :) :thanks: for watching!!!
  17. Arayan

    WTB: OLD Wicked lasers Photonic Disruptor

    if anyone has the old model (the one with the adjustable focus) and wants to sell can contact me via PM :)
  18. Arayan

    SOLD: Optotronics 190 mW 532 nm pen

    This pointer is great, I sell only because I need to accumulate money :) Specifications: According my measurements this pointer is very stable and shows a peak about 187 mW karCHkxdE2o&feature=youtu.be BTW the most accurate test made by Optotronics (with Coherent FieldMaster GS power...
  19. Arayan

    5 min. with snow and lasers

    I had 5 minutes and I took few picts with some of my pointers behind my house with the snow. All pics were taken with an iPod touch. Nothing special just wanted to share with the community :D The pointers are (from left to the right): DIY 1.2W 445 nm pointer; Laserglow Rigel 2...
  20. Arayan

    4Sevens XM18 18,000 Lumen... O_O