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    Changing my name from laserlight84 to Zero Lasers

    in case anyone is interested, i am changing my forum handle from laserlight84 to ZeroLasers. Coldshadow should have it changed sometime soon. -Mike...formerly laserlight84
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    I just ripped apart this project

    Hi i just ripped apart and projector from work that they were going to throw away and i think i found the diode, but i have no idea if i am right or pretty much anything else about it. does anyone have any educated guesses on what i am looking at? Also, i took some picture of the DLP chip :)...
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    heat sink

    is there anyone out there that can make me a heat sink?
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    Getting a simple circuit board fabricated

    Ok so i was thinking about making a simple and tiny thermal shut-off circuit and having it fabricated. Would anyone know where i can do something like that and for how much? I might want to put that in a high powered handheld laser i am making. :lasergun:
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    Where can one find some cheap combing optics

    Does anyone know of some cheap combing optics and where to get them? I have been thinking about combining some 445nm lasers.
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    3.1W Multi-Mode Blue XML & Skyray lasers FOR SALE! and Driver Circuits Coming Soon

    3.1W Multi-Mode Blue XML & Skyray lasers FOR SALE! and Driver Circuits Coming Soon U.S. buyers please PM me and inquire about laser assembly kits or buy them directly at Zerolasers.com/USA Coming soon: Drivers: Boost, Boost Mini & Boost T-mini drivers on the website. Hosts: Kryton Grooves...
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    Newbie looking for a cheap DIY LPM tutorial

    Does anyone know of a DIY LPM tutorial that a beginner could use without ending up with a big price tag?
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    Just made my first skyray build thanks to DTR

    Hi everyone, My name is Mike. I am longtime time lurker and first time poster. I am an avionics engineer for Honeywell and i just made my first laser thanks to DTR and just wanted to show the build. I am rather new to the forum and this is my first laser so any build tips would be appreciated...