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  1. paul1598419

    525nm 1.2W Sanwu Striker Saber doesn't turn on anymore

    It could be any number of problems, but since you just got it you should be able to contact Sanwu and get them involved. Do you have a DMM that you can use to measure the voltage on your batteries? I would start there as a bad cell could cause this. Podo is the user name of the Sanwu rep here on...
  2. paul1598419

    Decent quality safety goggle for 445nm (blue) lasers from Europe?

    Look, you are never going to have a laser strike your goggles for 5 seconds. They are there to protect your eyes from a very temporary strike. If you stand there and look into a beam for 5 seconds you deserve to lose your vision.
  3. paul1598419

    Strange shape of new Thor M2 blue laser and strange "UV" effect?

    I just saw your intro post and am glad you did that. As has already been stated here your laser is acting normally and there is little you can do to change that. Enjoy your stay here.
  4. paul1598419

    Hello from Rome Italy

    Welcome to the LPF. Thank you for introducing yourself here. I hope you can get everything you are expecting from being here with us. (y)
  5. paul1598419

    Here is a little tip for anyone with a "303" type laser with lens problems

    I had thought of that, but the spot is sure round. That seems to indicate it wasn't.
  6. paul1598419

    NUBM07 on ACS5500BU driver...

    I haven't yet tried to build anything with these newer ACS drivers so this information was news to me too. Thanks.
  7. paul1598419

    Spectrometer help

    I'd be happy to do it for you for the cost of shipping them both ways, but I live in Tacoma, WA. It is not near by.
  8. paul1598419

    Here is a little tip for anyone with a "303" type laser with lens problems

    That is very unusual as the splash is not concentric with the beam profile. The spot looks very good.......Gaussian. I would look into masking the beam as that should eliminate any splash you are getting from reflections behind the lens.
  9. paul1598419

    Black out

    That's great. I knew you'd get one eventually. I would look into driving the 530nm laser at a lower current level. You likely don't need that much exposure. But, green is much more visible to our eyes than red, so you will still see more light even when you get it down to 10 mW.
  10. paul1598419

    565nm DPSS labby

    Which SL argons are you thinking of trading and what are you looking for them?
  11. paul1598419

    Review of the Directly-Injected 505nm Bluish-Green ("Mint Green") Laser Pen

    Either one would give you over 5 amps of current for an hour, so it really matters little. I suspect one is a protected cell and the other isn't. The unprotected cell will have a higher drain current, but the protected cell can't be over-discharged.
  12. paul1598419

    Looking for cheapest functional LPM (laser power meter). Will this one work?

    This is a do-it-yourself meter and you will need some known laser sources for calibration if you decide to go this way. I would want to know much more about it before I would even consider this as viable.
  13. paul1598419

    Hello from Michigan, I'm here because LPS let me down...

    If 202 is LPS's designation for those very cheap AAA battery pens these can be had for $2.00 on eBay. I have a stack of them from years ago, some being multiple lines 532nm lasers. Live and learn.
  14. paul1598419

    Black out

    I have found the judicious use of beam stops and light blocks to work best for this problem. If you take time to block it from reaching your plate you might not need to do it every time you shoot a hologram. It can be time consuming, but worth it.
  15. paul1598419

    Hello from Michigan, I'm here because LPS let me down...

    Wow. Usually these intro threads are filled with information about the new member, not a rant about how they were screwed. Where are you from and how old are you? I am not familiar with the 202 designation from laser pointer stores, so I have no idea what you are talking about. Welcome to the...
  16. paul1598419

    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    I knew a guy who did that back in 1981. We used to drop pennies for him to find.........it was hilarious.
  17. paul1598419

    Layout upgrade

    Huh. I missed all that. I am not on all the time, but do come on from time to time to see if there is any activity. The upgrade must have taken very little time as I am usually not on for a few hours at most.
  18. paul1598419

    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    I had some silver certificates too. Any that were still in circulation today would have to be very rough. Yeah, back in the 1960s everyone was saving silver coins. My mother had a large collection starting the day it was announced that they would be discontinued. I wonder what ever happened to...
  19. paul1598419

    CLOSED: Osram PL 530 Modules: 808 nm to 530 nm OPSL Technology - Narrow .3 nm Linewidth (new, old stock)

    Yeah, I figured as much. Good luck with it and I hope you get finished without incident.
  20. paul1598419

    Layout upgrade

    Thanks, Avery. I was expecting the forums to be down during this. I didn't even notice.