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  1. Immo1282

    Decent quality safety goggle for 445nm (blue) lasers from Europe?

    Yep I saw the "There are new posts on this thread do you want to display them" pop up as I was typing :) Thought I'd send my reply anyway - even though we basically reccomended the same goggles and way to check the existing ones...
  2. Immo1282

    Decent quality safety goggle for 445nm (blue) lasers from Europe?

    Honestly, the cheap ones are a bare minimum as you've found out - Unfortunately, there's a "fire triangle" of Good, Cheap and Fast and unfortunately it's difficult to recommend making too many compromises here. If you have a limited budget - I'd give your best set of goggles to your kid and wear...
  3. Immo1282

    Hello from Rome Italy

    Welcome :) Stay safe & I hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Immo1282

    Comment by 'Immo1282' in media 'fullsizeoutput_94a.jpeg'

    So the teal 14500 is sold, but you have a 14500 (or similar small size) one in brass? Is it the "1x10440" one that shows up as "fullsizeoutput_a47.jpeg" in your signature? If the picture of it isn't up yet, can you PM it to me? Thanks :) How does a custom focus adapter ring work with an...
  5. Immo1282

    Comment by 'Immo1282' in media 'fullsizeoutput_94a.jpeg'

    Hi Rich - is this one still for sale? Would it be possible to use this one for a case-positive diode? I've got a lovely 503nm one that I bought from Jnrpop and it'd go nicely in this host :)
  6. Immo1282

    Spectrometer help

    If you're able to measure and set up a diffraction grating in a decently precise way indoors (or measure long enough distances and have a large flat wall & a friend to help outside), you could measure your lasers yourself with a cheap diffraction grating ordered online. Apply a bit of...
  7. Immo1282

    Layout upgrade

    Certificate's not a local problem - but yeah, seems that it'd be connected with the upgrade rather than an actual attacker :)
  8. Immo1282

    Black out

    A British artist called Stuart Semple who was unhappy with Anish Kapoor's exclusivity on Vantablack came out with this product which he calls "Black 2.0". http://stuartsemple.com/project/black-v1-0-beta-worlds-mattest-flattest-black-art-material/ Basically it's a poor-man's version of...
  9. Immo1282

    Layout upgrade

    I got maybe an hour of "this page is unavaliable" on every thread, but it seems to have gone pretty smoothly :) Also had the same warnings as you GSS, certificate was expired according to Chrome for me...
  10. Immo1282

    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    Post your intro in this subforum - that way people will not ask you to do it in the future as they'll be able to find it. Then I strongly reccomend you go and read and comprehend all of the sticky threads in the Welcome and Sticky subforums before you post again. Seriously - being rude will...
  11. Immo1282

    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    I suppose the question becomes - is there a similar material that's less exotic that can be welded with copper in this way? i.e showing that same aesthetic but not costing as much?
  12. Immo1282

    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    That is some beefy Nb-Ti cabling... I visited CERN in 2013, and they had some bits of the Nb-Ti superconductors on the LHC ring to show us on the tour - a thin cable of Nb-Ti about the diameter of a pencil was rated for 13,500A of current when cooled. Equivalent copper bundle had a diameter of...
  13. Immo1282

    How to get a Spyder 3 artic laser in aus?

    Yep - I'd mirror XquantumTheory20's sentiment. You'd be better buying a JetLasers PL-E Pro or PL-E Mini instead, it's a similar design, but at a much more reasonable price and arguably equivalent or better build quality. Wicked Lasers has a poor reputation here, and tends to overcharge. If you...
  14. Immo1282

    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    Hak - it shows it when you hover the mouse over someones username - it's not perfect, but it's not bad either. Obviously it still is prerequisite that the user's filled their location out on their profile...
  15. Immo1282

    Sanwu Pocket laser extended double battery mod

    Double post was back in August 2017 - not sure whether Xqt2019's necro is more obnoxious than the DP here :)
  16. Immo1282

    Repairing an old pointer

    For a laser diode to "go LED" that means the internal structure of the diode is damaged enough that it no longer properly lases - it'll put out a little splash of light, but it's never going to work properly again. It's dead. If all you want is a working laser, you may as well buy a new one -...
  17. Immo1282

    Looking for a reasonably priced 5mW 445nm.

    It's going to be a pretty invisible laser display if you use a 5mW module - You'll need a dark and hazy room to see even the faintest whiff of beam, but the dot will be visible just about. The low-power blue diodes aren't avaliable at low cost since there is not demand for large-volume...
  18. Immo1282

    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    Are you configuring the LM317's for constant current not constant voltage? You should be setting the current on each driver, not the voltage. Constant-voltage drivers and laser diode's dont mix so well as LDs have a negative temperature coefficient (as their temperature rises, their resistance...
  19. Immo1282

    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    I'd use the search box to look for threads before asking questions outright, as there's a fairly definitive guide thread on combining beams here; https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/reference-guide-how-to-combine-lasers.77449/ Edit: It seems as if you may not have read the sticky threads or...
  20. Immo1282

    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    Can you attach a picture of the projector?