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  1. trinh hong phuoc

    Spent a weekend experimenting with stuffing M140s into pen hosts.

    nice buddy hey RCB I tested those diodes, they have the same parameters as osram diodes , just have a bit diffirent ,it is 460nm when i run at 1.7a,very nice beam,can say they are similar color to m08 at 4A
  2. trinh hong phuoc

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    Thank you so much Convoy is cheap hot but quantity is good
  3. trinh hong phuoc

    Hello from Rome Italy

    welcome to forums
  4. trinh hong phuoc

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    90$ for 1w violet with g2 lens thanks all
  5. trinh hong phuoc

    NUBM07 on ACS5500BU driver...

    Actually I have lots of builds with this drivers, flash signs that the battery is about to run out,on the other hand, some drivers will show signs of flash when overheating, but this seems to rarely come out with the buck driver, especially high-end drivers, which emit very little heat. Good...
  6. trinh hong phuoc

    NUBM07 on ACS5500BU driver...

    The flash on that driver comes from 2 reasons first: Your input is less than 7V second:You are using poor quality cells - check your battery again
  7. trinh hong phuoc

    Lens Repair Request - DL Spartan 1W 447

    PM liffetime17 https://laserpointerforums.com/members/lifetime17.45683/
  8. trinh hong phuoc

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    very nice,Rick ,AL -CU is great for heatsink,501B host is pretty good
  9. trinh hong phuoc

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    Thank Rick and Robert,here is the new build with nybm44-v2,x-wossee driver at 4,8a it can burn at 20m(60feet) when i use G7 lens and 3x beam expander sweetttttttttttttt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. trinh hong phuoc

    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    Don't be too bothered by that, the way to install the battery will be the cathode that comes in contact with the host,3,7 and 3,6 is okay
  11. trinh hong phuoc

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    Just want to show off my latest jobs 🆒🆒🆒🆒
  12. trinh hong phuoc

    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    I know you're thrilled with this, but it's better to google, everything you can search for with key" jetlaser " https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcON4l3ui1-lKeBmqClbAA
  13. trinh hong phuoc

    BestLaserPointers.com 3W review

    I am sure they are less than 1.5w
  14. trinh hong phuoc

    DTR G8 lens

    if you can, check out help me parameters with sanwu's g2, very nice job
  15. trinh hong phuoc

    Convoy S2+ 12x Build

    great,s2 red and inox host is almost done,buddy
  16. trinh hong phuoc

    CLOSED: Osram PL 530 Modules: 808 nm to 530 nm OPSL Technology - Narrow .3 nm Linewidth (new, old stock)

    You should not be bothered by that, because I know you have given us many things, and of course will never have a $ 5 price if you don't buy them. Good luck for your trip :):)
  17. trinh hong phuoc

    638nm laser bank

    hey guys, continuous comments will be criticized by the members here, please correct them
  18. trinh hong phuoc

    DTR G8 lens

    Just lost the topic, but I'm really sorry about this I want to ask you, is there a diode that can be pushed to 10-11w, some people in my country have declared it, of course I know it is fiction and lacks grounds, but anyway For sure, I still want to ask you guys
  19. trinh hong phuoc

    Looking for cheapest 1watt green laser. Here at $249 -- laserpointerstore.com ?

    I really want to know what purpose you use, if only for entertainment, you only need a pointer with 1 mrad divergence ,if for the purpose of needing a tight beam, you cannot buy such a pointer https://www.jetlasers.org/index.php?id_category=20&controller=category this is jet laser,you can buy...
  20. trinh hong phuoc

    correcting a NDG7475

    It's really what I want now, the person who asked me to do this wants a very long distance (about 5-8km) so the beam requires very tight, really sounds very mythical, but I will try with this build ,I have seen you have a 520nm 1w build with a 3.4inch PCX lens, have you ever calculated their...