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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your tips, they are helpful. Today i got an other crystal from the seller as replacement for the defectiv one. Now i have 3 of them, all the same but one defectice and all of them are ditrty. At the weekend i will test them and also the 2 HF-devices i have now, one...
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Hi Richard A, as you see there was no error while booting in this case. As you know, such errors (which are not always seen) are not easy to be defined. Maybe you should repeat multiple boots of the device in the hope to see an error-code . You can see such a typical error here in the post...
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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    At work we are soldering wires at the electrodes of x-ray tubes, may this work for this here? Has anyone of you done something like this himselve?
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Please connect the spec with the ser cable to the ser card of your PC without powering the spec, than start a terminal program, than power the spectrometer and post here the end of the pre-message you see in the terminal window.
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    I also ask you to go on posting here, thanks for the information .... For your actual problems with this device ...i would try an other usb to ser stick , it sounds like timing-problems i had also. Greetings Bernd
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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    Hi Arctos, you have seen, that der device ist defective, i am impressed .... so it is. I do not think that someone will be able to repair it by soldering, but the seller told me to send an other device, but until now i did not get it. I am still waiting for the other device and than it will...
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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    I would like to use this device in a project to hide or select individual wavelengths from a signal. This works with this part without mechanical adjustments and can be adjusted both in the wavelength, intensity and combination of both with a RF signal. When assembling the parts, I found by...
  8. PCAOM


    Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator
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    AA AOTFnC-VIS-TN45-001-RTN01
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    inner sanctum
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    B&W-tech Spectrometer & 473 module: Setup+Mods+Info

    Hi pasajeros, be welcome, i have created a thread raman with the usage of components of this device here : https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/raman-spectroscopy.102872/ Maybe you could read this for additional infos .... It would be fine to talk about raman here or there again ...
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    PCAOM , Polychromatic Acoustic-Optical Modulator

    Hi, today i played a little bit with my polychromatic acousto-optic modulator and opened the crystal housing. Bevore closing it i made some pictures and thought, somebody could be interested in this. ... I guess such a device is known, therefor i must not describe the basic functions. In my...
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    Feb 8 2019 - The day I made this post

    Thanks again ... !
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    Can a 1w 445 nm laser lit a termite

    You will need about 1500 C to start the reaction ....
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    Outstanding laser art

    Wow ... thanks for showing !
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    Sanwu RGB review

    Wow ..... !!
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    Source code for stepper motors

    Hi, i would have a look here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Stepper https://github.com/arduino-libraries/Stepper
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    Post your random pics!

    Thanks for showing ... !