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    Can’t run my DTR driver when the battery is in the case

    Hi y’all, I’m running an ACS1500SE from DTR inside a convoy flashlight housing with an 18650. My driver works just fine as I can hook my bench top supply to the + spring terminal and the case, powering it with no issues. I can also attach those leads to my battery externally and power it just...
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    Can anyone help identify this cheap laser?

    My school bought a couple of these cheap green lasers for our observatory which bear no mark of a manufacturer. Someone happened to break the driver off of the diode and now we have no idea where it is. I was thinking of putting in a new driver I had laying around, but I don’t even know the...
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    My 520nm Convoy S2+ Build

    Hi LPF, I know there are tons of 520 builds out there but I'd just like to share what I've been up to. My build isn't complete since I'm waiting on a few more parts to arrive in the mail (a battery contact board and thermal adhesive) but for the most part, it's been going well. I'll also share...
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    How does a laser power meter actually work?

    Hi LPF, I've been wanting to gauge the output performance of my new diode with a LPM. I have access to a power meter in the optics lab of the physics department here at school, however it is only sensitive to HeNe wavelengths and this is a green diode. Instead, I figured a fun project would be...
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    Can someone help me understand driver specifications?

    I've been looking through the commercial driver route (as opposed to the DIY approach) but I think I'm a little lost. Honestly, I'm a physics major so electronics should make sense to me but I've never had to focus on powering laser diodes. Basically, I was thinking of doing a custom build with...
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    Does anyone still make low mA drivers?

    I've been looking at the stickies and it looks like a lot of drivers offered my LPF members are out of production. I'm building a pen with an Osram PLT5510 diode which operates between 60-100mA at 5.4-7V, but most drivers I've found offer anything from 100mA and up, which is not ideal because I...