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    561nm and 563nm-571nm laser modules for sale

    I had today off so I went and tested each laser module and thankfully they all work! These are the companies first batch, they had a bit of problems with them fluctuating wavelength, and power, and just overall not being too their standards. They won't be making anymore for about 6 months+ until...
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    561nm 5mW

    A friend of mine that lives in China recently got me in contact with a company making 561nm for much cheaper than CNI. I ended up ordering three of them and they were in fact 561nm. Sadly my phone camera nor my DSLR will capture the color. It just looks like typical 532nm on the photos. I plan...
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    Help with finding a driver

    I'm looking for a driver that I can use a external potentiometer to adjust the power. I was looking at a BlackBuck 8M but it seems that they are sold out from DTR's shop. Does anyone know of other drivers that can do the same thing? Thanks!
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    Using 638nm and 520nm to make a yellow combined laser

    Just had a quick question. I'm planning to try and put together a yellow laser by combing 638nm and 520nm and I wanted to know what a good blend would be for a "perfect" yellow. I'm looking to get around 50-100mw combined power. What do you think would be a good ratio for it?
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    574nm DPSS 20mW

    I found a RGBY DJ light show and it has a 20mW 574nm DPSS laser module inside of it for $250. I figured someone on here would want one to tear it down. I contacted them and they did confirm it was DPSS. https:// www. chauvetdj.com/products/scorpion-storm-rgby/ I also recently contacted OPTLasers...
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    532nm modules

    Anyone know where I can get some decent 532nm modules? I'm looking for 100mw and above, most of the ones I've bought always seem to be underspec. I know Techhood used to be the best to get some okayish ones but its been a while since I bought them from him. Thanks!
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    Hello from Cali, soon to be Oregon

    I've been browsing for quite a while now (about a 1.5years). I got a couple of lasers in altoid cans and a Survival Laser host (Sharp 488nm, either a Sharp GH0631IA2GC or Oclaro HL63603TG can't remember which one I bought pretty sure its the Sharp, Osram PLT5, and lastly a 532nm from Techhood on...