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  1. J

    Spectrometer recommendations?

    Thanks, just checked ebay and the prices look good there. Don't I still need their software though? Is the software not tied to the serial number of the spectrometer?
  2. J

    Spectrometer recommendations?

    That's helpful, thanks. I just checked out their website and have written them for a quote.
  3. J

    Spectrometer recommendations?

    I'm looking for recommendations on a good spectrometer for measuring non-fiber coupled laser and LED wavelengths. Any suggestions? I need measurements up to 1100nm so using a diffraction grating visually won't work. -Jim
  4. J

    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    Can someone suggest a place to by a cylindrical lens pair to tame this laser? I've searched and the only source I can find is optlasers.com and their maximum correction is only 3x. Here is the housing I made for mine. It still requires a fan to operate continuously. I've got it running at...
  5. J

    Pioneer 16X BDR-209DBK

    I'm using a flexmodP3 to drive the diode. I had about 30 minutes of total run time, in 5-10 minutes of "on" chunks. Actually: OFF-ON-OFF-ON is what the diodes are designed for exactly. That's what it does at very very high rates while burning a Blu-Ray. The real problem with laser cutters is...
  6. J

    Pioneer 16X BDR-209DBK

    My BRD-209 diode died whilst running it at 600ma in a laser cutter. It was well cooled and ran for about 30 minutes before dying. Has anyone found where the limit is for long life? -Jim
  7. J

    On Sale Now - The Cypreus II - A Copper Laser host by Sinner [25/25 Shipped]

    Anybody have any tips on how to connect the negative wire of the driver board to the body of the Cypreus II? The copper absorbs so much heat that it laughs at my soldering iron, and I've got a beefy soldring iron. I fluxed, scraped, every trick I knew of and just couldn't get solder to stick. -Jim
  8. J

    Coming Out of the Closet! Hurra!

    I'm not going to comment on the actual topic. That's between you and you. I know you don't believe it now, but one day, when you've actually experienced being grown up, you will come to realize that at 14 you are not the person who you will become. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to understand that...
  9. J

    Pioneer 16X BDR-209DBK

    DTR: How is the 209 working at 750ma? -Jim
  10. J

    Adjustable Battery Charger

    I use an IMax B6 that has been re-flashed with Chealil-Charger firmware. It makes for an excellent custom battery charger that can charge almost anything. It's got built in settings for Nicd/Nimh/LiIon/LiPoly/LiFe/Li 4.35 volts(new 18650's)/Pb batteries. Plus it has custom settings if none of...
  11. J

    Drivers with Modulation Capabilities??? RGB Handheld Variable?

    It wouldn't be cheap or small, but 3 Flexmod P3's would allow you an enormous amount of control over the color of your RGB beam. You'd need a micro-controller and 3 good DAC's to pull it off (MCP4275 is probably what I would use). -Jim
  12. J

    help with driver

    You are going to need have some electronics knowledge if you dont use a pre-made driver.... asking if a 3.3v regulator can be used as a driver suggests you might not. Buy a driver, you will save money. -Jim
  13. J

    On Sale Now - The Cypreus II - A Copper Laser host by Sinner [25/25 Shipped]

    Re: Presale - The Cypreus II - 1x18650/2x18350 - A Copper Laser host by Sinner Magic Sticks? -Jim
  14. J

    On Sale Now - The Cypreus II - A Copper Laser host by Sinner [25/25 Shipped]

    Re: Presale - The Cypreus II - 1x18650/2x18350 - A Copper Laser host by Sinner Are they modular? It would very (very) nice if we could in the future buy a battery body only, and then extend or shorten to "upgrade" our Cypreus II. -Jim
  15. J

    Suggestion - Diode for holography?

    I've used high power single mode red lasers for Holography. Almost any DVD burner diode will work if run at low power and well temperature stabilized. If you are going to all the effort to build a stable table, may as well build an interferometer and test both your diode and your table at the...
  16. J

    Preview/Update [4/4] FINAL RELEASE: The Cypreus II - Custom Copper Host by Sinner

    Re: [Preview/Teaser]: The Cypreus - Custom Copper Host by Sinner Titanium is one of the worst choices for a heat-sink. It's nearly an insulator. It is however one of the best choices for cool. Sinner what alloy copper are you using for these? I too am interested in knowing the price, they...
  17. J

    LG BE12 BluRay Diode pinout ?

    You should consider a heatsink on that LM317... better decide before the JB weld dries. -Jim
  18. J

    Pioneer 16X BDR-209DBK

    Re: Pioneer 16X BDR-209BK The first post says that he used a G2 lens. Great result Jordan! I'm eager to hear how 750ma goes. -Jim
  19. J

    LG BE12 BluRay Diode pinout ?

    Every Bluray diode I've ever seen has the same pin out: with the center pin down, the pin on the right is positive and the pin on the left is negative. The center pin is unused. -Jim