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    Ophir DG-HH Input Voltage?

    Yep, that's it. I have one that's a little scarred and one that's in good shape for its age. I also have a Laserbee 3.7W USB. I'm interested in seeing how the numbers compare. There are 3 pots on top of the DG-HH unit for adjustment, but I'm not sure what each is for. Of course, I would like...
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    Ophir DG-HH Input Voltage?

    The model is DG-HH. I listed it in my original post, but I don't think it's a very common model, as it's very difficult to find any info on it. It's an older model. It uses the 10A sensor. I picked it up for very cheap from some guy who was getting out of the hobby a year or so ago, and I...
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    Hello From South Carolina!

    Hello Everyone! I have been lurking here for at least a couple of years and building a few lasers here and there, and I just decided to join up. I'm excited to learn more about this fascinating field and build some more lasers! Seems like a very knowledgeable and welcoming community! Best...
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    Ophir DG-HH Input Voltage?

    Will do. I've been just browsing these forums for forever without ever really posting, so it feels like I've been a member for a while. Lol. I have, and I also came across a general page on Ophir's website about power supplies, but it actually led me to order the wrong power supply, so I don't...
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    Ophir DG-HH Input Voltage?

    Hi Everyone, I have two older Ophir DG-HH LPMs that do not have power supplies with them. I have disassembled one and found the proper connector, but I am not sure of the voltage it requires. I believe it is 12V, but I'm not certain, and I certainly don't want to fry one trying it out. Does...