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    Member: LIFETIME17 fixed my laser!

    Rich you rock! anyone looking for a totally trustworthy stranger to blindly mail your super expensive laser to for repair or MOD can look no further than RICH: https://laserpointerforums.com/members/lifetime17.45683/ thanks dude! This repair has been on my bucket list for a year!!!
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    Blue custom laser broken? HELP!

    Ok so a few years ago I had someone build me a custom laser. Cost me like $500 or something. I can’t recall. I don’t even remember how powerful it was but I believe it’s commensurate with power of an arctic anyway, laser worked fine with the original batteries (those shady red 18650 9800 mah...
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    Mod my custom laser for 110outlet

    Hey ! So back in 2015 I commissioned this guy Doug to make me a super powerful handheld blue laser. I believe it was either 5w or 6w. Anyway, the batteries SUPPOSEDLY were some ridiculous mAh level (9000 maybe? I can’t recall) but I could never find the batteries again after my original...