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    Direction/Angle for simple YVO4-KTP Crystal

    Hi, how is your experience with such a crystal module? Is the alignment important? I think the polarization of the diode is not unimportant. Does anyone know how to align the crystals? Greetings
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    what is the difference between PL520(_B1) and PL520(B1_2)

    Hello, i have bought a 520nm PL520 on ebay and i dont know .. is it the 30mW(PL520_B1_2) or 50mW(PL520_B1) version. What is the differenze(case ? bonding ?), how can i find out, what type i got ? Greetings
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    okay, not a pionter, but fun ...

    it is not a laser pointer, but it makes fun ... :-) laserdiode SLD 3232VF 80mW, G2-lens, 2xCDR Stepper, Arduino, GRBL Greetings
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    damaged Ophir 20C UAS-.5Y

    hello, i have bought a used ophir 20C-UAS, but the sensor does not work. Its a 6-pin Molex connected module. I have contacted Ophir and they tells me, this is a NDA Sensor .. i cant get any informations about the interface or Analog-Output. i think .. this Sensor is damaged, but the...
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    confused: two different datasheet about SLD3237VF(R)

    Hi, can anybody help ? What is the rigth datasheet SLD3237VF Datasheet (Page 2/2) | DatasheetLib.com or http://www.beamq.com/laser/laserdiode/sld3237vf_vfr.pdf the same layout and the same text, but different current and voltage many thanks
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    LG GGW-H20L which LD ?

    hi, today, my LG Disc Rewriter has crashed one of my discs. Now .. no detect any CD or a DVD. I never used as writer, so i think, tha blue LD is unused. What laserdiode type is this ...Anybody knows ? thanks
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    Need Laser driver Schema with TTL (max 700mA)

    hi, i am looking for a laser driver schema with: - TTL signal. - high side (anode regulated) - 0 - 700mA Output size does not matter .. greetings
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    Unknown Laserdiode with Code

    Hi, i have bought this 500mW-LD (haha) from ebay half year ago. ebay has closed this offer (dont ask me why :can:) at 200mA i get ~180mW with a G-2 lens. It is a 3,8mm LD. It this Diode known ? How much REAL power can i expect ? Greetings
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    What Sensor for Measurement

    Hi, i look for a sensor to build a own LPM. With a Ophir 20C UAU i can calibrate a own LPM. what sensor can i use ? it is for ~2mW - 2000mW (not more) greetings
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    China Driver - strange current measure

    Hi, i have bought this driver (3A TTL Laser Driver Board Step Down Driver Module 405nm 445nm 450nm | eBay) I tried to adjust the values, but with a testload (4*1N4001 + 1Ohm 5W ~> M140 LD) i got this. look the attachements the measured current has a peak over the adjusted value. at lpf3.jpg...
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    M140: Pulsed or constant current ? which is the best pulse frequency ?

    hi, what is the best use with a nichia M140 diode - pulsed or constant ? if pulsed, which frequency is recommended ? Signal type ? (Rectangular or Sinus pulse) in the datasheet i can not find a pulse width value. the same question for a NDV4542 this is a 100mW 405nm laserdiode CW = max...
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    580-600mA LED driver for my IR-Laserdiodes ?

    hi, can i use this driver (https://www.amazon.de/580-600mA-konstante-Strom-reguliert-Treiber/dp/B00BXAM7LQ/ref=pd_rhf_cr_s_cp_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TH59KDA8YB8H9VHCRB4H) i want to use this to power IR-Diodes (max 700mA) ... thx
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    Install the Nd:YVO4 + KTP ? Distance ? Angle ?

    hi, i want to build a green DPSS laser. i used a 808nm 500mW LD and a "Nd:YVO4+KTP Laser Pumping Crystal". what is the right way to install the crystal ? What should i consider to get the best efficience ? What is the best crystal working temperature (must i cooling the crystal) ? Greetings
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    burned M140 for Testload ?

    hi, can i use a burned M140 for a test load to adjust current for working M140 ? Greetings
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    Laserdiode used or new ? How get the this info ?

    hi, a german user on ebay sells "New" M140 diodes from unused DLP. I have bought three diodes and ALL diodes does not work with 1,2A (the laserpower is betwwen 30mW and 120mW. At 1,6A the laserpower is lower than 10mW ... turning the current to 1,2A again the laser output is greter than 50mW...
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    Laserdriver 2.2V 700mA wanted

    hi, i need for my 808nm 500mA Laerdiode a driver circuit. Voltage 2.2V current 700mA the most ebay drivers working with max 500mA. which dirver can i using ? greetings
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    How to collimate a DPSS-Laser (green)

    hi, i have builded a simple, small DPSS-Laser 700mW 808nm IR-Diode -> ND:YVO4 -> KTP -> IR-Filter Now, i try to collimate the green laser. on a simple laserpointer, there is a acrylic expanding lens, and than a collimation lens. Where can i get a expanding lens (glass) ? Greetings
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    Sensor wanted (for pointers between 10mW and 1W)

    Hi, i am searching for a analog sensor to build a simple power meter with a µC. photodiode type or thermo type - no matter i have tried with a BPW21R, but this diode recognize difference between a 20mW and a 60mW Laserpointer. ideas
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    Ophir 20C-UAU without PC ?

    Hi, i have bought a Ophir 20C-UAU laser measure head with USB-Plug. I can use this with a windows PC, but i dont have a windowsPC on my garage. I use linux, Arduino, Raspberry .. but no WIndows ;-) any ideas or experience how to connect the Ophit 20C-UAU with a Raspberry or a Arduino ...
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    5.6V on a 445 Laserdiode ?

    hi, i have bought a china laser engraving module. It is a 300mW Module. on the laserdiode connection i measure 5.6V i wonder ... is it too high for a good lifetime ?? greetings