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    optical models for the 'G' lenses

    Does anyone have optical models or the relevant information to produce optical models for the standard aspherical 'G' lenses? I'm using the free WinLens3D basic software to rough out lens options. I'm trying to find the lowest cost solution to get from 405nm laser (SLD3236VF) ~150mW down to a...
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    TO-can opener

    So I thought I would share the design for a TO-can opener (for de-canning TO laser diodes etc.) that may be useful to people. It's a similar design to the Thorlabs WR1, but uses 3D printed parts and low cost components (total cost of components if you have access to 3D printer should be ~ $20)...
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    unexpected behaviour - 405nm driver - solved

    So i've been building a driver based on the iC-Haus, iC-HKB, driver chip [LINK]. I've run a test using a laser diode test load which gave me expected curves of current vs control voltage as below; This shows the current output versus control voltage for a range of control resistances (0ohm...