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  1. empyreus

    Thor H2 3w 445nm & Thor H2 1w 520nm

    Not entirely sure the best forum sub to post this in but I wanted to share with you guys since there isn't a whole lot of pics comparing 1w greens to blues! (Also the beams aren't crooked, that's just awkward handling with 1 hand that has them crossover in the sky like that lol)
  2. empyreus

    Does anyone know if this is worth it? eBay 1w green laser

    GH7 520nm Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer Laser Pen Torch 3 Switch Modes (cant post links yet, so that is the exact title from sky_lasers, I believe CNILasers sells the same thing on eBay as well) I messaged the seller, he says it's a 1W green 520nm diode, I'm wondering how much...