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    DVD diode

    can i use a DVD players Diode. .... to make a burner????
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    green Modules

    Im looking for a green laser Module perferably around 150 MW. what do you fine people recommend who should i order from? one with about 12 mm in diamiter by like 62-64 mm length ive looked at the o-likes. so im gonna guess and say that that will be the most recommended. but still if you know of...
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    Yo Yo YO YO whats up.... Arkansas in the House!!!!

    Hey!!!!, was the subject just a bit much???? I'm new to the server ive pretty much always been fascinated by lasers ever since they were big at the malls lol you know the lil idk 2 and a half in long 5mw red lasers the guys sold at the stand while you walked from store to store. I was like hey...
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    Does anyone Know have any info on this laser.

    The 80mW Green Laser Pointer from Skylasers. net i was just wanting to know if it was focused to burn? i know there 100mw red laser pointer isnt focused to burn .... epic fail i don't want to hold a magnifying glass up to burn stuff its not my idea of fun lol.