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    Is this a bad idea? Custom build.

    So this is my latest build. It is a de canned NugM02 520nm green. 25mm module with a g2 lens. It’s running off of 2 Fennix 16340’s that feed a SXD at 1.6A. The host came with the glass led protector and I decided I’d try and keep it. But then I remembered that we want minimal back reflection...
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    Osram pl520. Ebay host.

    Hello all. Recent build with the pl520. Driver is LDSE 500 set to 250ma. 20mm module from DTR. Love ordering random LED flashlights and making them work. It's almost like they make them in mind of us modding them.
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    Build number 3!

    M140. sxd driver at 1.8 amps. This one took me a while to build. But it's damn pretty!
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    Second successful laser build! Pl520

    Things are looking up! I'm 2 for 2 now on building lasers. This is a pl520 with an LDSE500 driver! Got the host from the dollar store, lol! Unsure of power. I asked DTR to set the driver so the diode would output 100mw. Looks weaker than that though. Anyway, I'm really pleased. Also really...
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    First successful build!

    M140 diode hooked up with a 1.8A SXD. Firepoint-x/303 host! Very happy. It only took all freakin day!
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    Pl520. Driver.

    Wondering if I could take apart a green 303 laser and use the driver that is in it to drive the pl520. Ive seen them used on red lasers so wondering if I could do the same to the green pl520 50-100mw. Thanks.
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    Good/bad diode.

    How can I tell if I have a bad diode(really dim) or a bad driver. (X drive 1.8A.) I'd show a pic but it won't let me. Every time this happens. Whether it's with an lm317, or the X Drive. Getting really frustrating.
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    X drive questions.

    Hello, I'm new to building lasers. Just bought an xdrive 1.8a. Also have the m140 diode. I don't have a multimeter and I'm wondering if I can hook it up to the diode and give it 2 16340's in series and be good? I do know about a dummy test load, buy llike I said I don't have a multimeter. Holy...
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    Hello, my name is Taylor, and I am new to lasers and electronics in general. I watched a couple of styros YouTube videos an instantly was hooked. I had an old dell computer that was just collecting dust and thought I'd try my hand at extracting the laser diode and piecing together a driver. It...