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  1. rpaloalto

    Sandusky found GUILTY

    LOL only took the jury 24 hours to find this monster guilty. Hope he gets butt raped in prison. Jury finds Jerry Sandusky guilty on dozens of child sex abuse charges - CNN.com
  2. rpaloalto

    Optotronics 120mW 532nm ''green pen'' review

    This is my review on the optotronics premium 120mW 532nm ''green'' laser pointer Optotronics Product Details Seems my desire for 523nm has come full circle. I stared off with a small pen style green a few years ago, and have graduated to bigger and ever more powerful handhelds. Now I find...
  3. rpaloalto

    Flaminpyro ''Jeff'' M.I.A. ???

    Jeff has not logged in the forum for several days. His temporary ban was over a few days ago. This is very odd behavior for him. I know I'm not the only one that has ongoing transactions with him. I hope nothing is wrong and he is just taking a break. Anybody hear from him or have info?
  4. rpaloalto

    Safari and the back button

    Any safari users having a issue using the back button on LPF? I get this message every time I hit the back button. It does it on every LPF page. Tried all 3 macs at home? Safari was just updated last week to 5.1.2 This is when It first started. Safari seems to work fine on other forums...
  5. rpaloalto

    priceangles no lasers over 5mW:(

    Anybody notice priceangles.com no longer sells any lasers over 5mW. In fact they only have a handful of lasers even being offered. First honest john cuts out and now this:( Kinda sucks, I have ordered several cheapie lasers from them and have always been happy. Dx wont sell to the US, so...
  6. rpaloalto

    A real Microtech knock off???

    Was just browsing priceangels.com when I found this:) Link It's obviously a copy of a microtech duel action, out the front knife. I was just wondering if anybody might have a opinion if it really is duel action. I already got ripped off once, buying a cheap OTF knife. The blade only extends...
  7. rpaloalto

    Another Thread About The Dangers Of Lithium Batteries

    Lithium-ion cells are really dangerous, No Joke! Ok so me doing stupid things like this is normal, pretty sad I guess. So I just got done salvaging a battery pack with some LG 18650 2400mA cells. I lost a chunk of the wrapper off one of these cells. Instead of trying to cover it with tape, I...
  8. rpaloalto

    Review Of UltraFire KH-T60

    This is my review of the UltraFire KH-T60 5-mode Has a claimed 1200-Lumen Digitally regulated 3000mA curent output Link UltraFire KH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme This is a pretty sweet flashlight for only $32.00. It is one...
  9. rpaloalto

    Laser Spirograph by AP_Digital_Light

    laser spirograph V2 By apdigitallight.com I would like to introduce my 3 mirror spirograph by LPF member AP_Digital_Light. http://laserpointerforums.com/members/ap_digital_light/ This thing is awesome! AP did a spectacular and professional job. Everything was assembled with the upmost care...
  10. rpaloalto


    SOLD Thanks For Looking
  11. rpaloalto

    changing your vehicle's oil? My rant:(

    Who changes their own oil anymore? It's been years since I last changed my own oil. I used to do it all the time before I had my kids. So we have 2 cars. Both were way over due for a oil change. So I got the bright idea of saving money, and doing both my self. Going buy late 1990's prices...
  12. rpaloalto

    UltraFire KH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 any good?

    Just wondering if anybody had any input on this light at DX $32.80 - UltraFire KH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) - 18650 Cree Flashlights Should I get this or should I go for a p7 light like this $34.07 - Aurora AK-P7-5 HA-III SSC P7-C 2-Mode 900-Lumen LED...
  13. rpaloalto

    SOLD FS: is a red 650nm laser in a SH-032

    SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING Up for sale is my red laser in a very nice SH-032 host, with a massive copper heartsick. This host is in perfect condition, toped off with a red clicky switch. It has not been used for more then a few minutes total. It should have plenty of hours of use left. It is a...
  14. rpaloalto

    3.6v AA lithium cells for sale

    I have some extera 1450 or AA size lithium single use batteries They are all putting out 3.67 volts Nominal capacity 2.4Ah Max discharge current 200mA GMBPOWER ER14505 http://www.gmbattery.com/Datasheet/ER/ER14505H.pdf Great cell to use for small electronic projects, or laser builds. I'm...
  15. rpaloalto

    For sale 2 Hosts for green module

    Sold SOLD Ok so I have 2 custom hosts made by Flaminpyro both are for green 532nm modules I recommend O-like.com modules, cheap and consistent in quality. SH-032 is Sold C6 is still available -------------------------------------------- Next is a black Aurora c6 host, with aluminum...
  16. rpaloalto

    Geek and Gamer Girls

    Wish I knew these 4:) eRoQWZoG6lI
  17. rpaloalto

    using your lasers in public

    Anybody finding it difficult to use your lasers in public? I just got back from a week long trip to Lake Tahoe. I had been waiting all year for this trip to use my lasers in the night sky especially my rpl 450. However almost every occasion I did, it attracted, the wrong attention. First night...
  18. rpaloalto

    Pushing 1A and higher in 18650 DX hosts ?

    Has anybody heard, or experienced any negative results. In using some of the 18650 hosts from DX. I remember MarioMaster was having some issues when he was pushing for 1+A. In Grix's diode chart, most of the members pushing currents higher the 1A are using lab units. In my next build I'm...
  19. rpaloalto


    Item has been sold, Thanks for looking
  20. rpaloalto

    Lindsay Lohan gets 90 days!

    While not having anything to do with lasers it still makes for a good read:) So finally after years of lindsay flaunting her excessive drug and drinking use. she finally got what was coming to her. Sure, I feel bad for her, jail sucks! But after years of seeing her getaway with stuff no normal...