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  1. kevinmassey

    Dragon Lasers. Awful beam profile.

    Who can you rely on for a quality laser these days? Received my Spartan 532 series 300mw in a timely manner. Got it yesterday and haven't seen it close to tem00 at any point in time. The beam profile along with the mode hopping is bad at any temperature. The only reason I even bought this laser...
  2. kevinmassey

    Mobile forum view

    😒😒😒 used to be able to get the PC view on my iPhone. Is there anyway to do this now? i don't like the mobile version.
  3. kevinmassey

    WTB: dragon lasers10x beam expander.

    Just bought a spartan 300 and I'd really like a beam expander to go along with it. Please Pm me if you are thinking about selling one. Any information on where I could buy an alternative 10x or greater expander that can be screwed onto a spartan would be greatly appreciated.
  4. kevinmassey

    Anyone Planning a CNI Handheld GB soon?

    I was thinking about getting a 532 Spartan from DL, but if someone was to start a group buy from CNI instead I'd be in.
  5. kevinmassey

    Clip on LEDs for fishing poles

    I'm looking for some small LEDs that run on AAA, or AA batteries that I can tape/clip onto the tips of my fishing poles. They don't need to be bright just probably slightly brighter than christmas lights. Any suggestions or ideas?
  6. kevinmassey

    120$ shipped 800mw 445nm

    Flaminpyro build in a cree A10B host with a copper heatsink and aixiz 445 lens. Last tested a couple months ago, but it's barely been used since then. Havent even had to charge the battery since september. Last time I tested it it put out between 750 and 800mw. These videos show it burning how...
  7. kevinmassey

    CHEAP! FlaminPyro built 445nm 550mW

    built back in June by flaminpyro in a cree A10B host with a copper heatsink uses an 18650 which will be included at a price of 150$ shipped.
  8. kevinmassey

    Novalasers Clearence x150. Pics Now Up!!!

    UPS man just dropped it off, and I opened it up. I was suprised it actually came with the silver metal Novalasers case. The papers that came with it say it averages 157mw, and peaks at 162mw. It's definetly the brightest greenie I've ever seen. In fact I think it's the brightest laser I've seen...
  9. kevinmassey

    Fs: 445 .55w 150$

    PM me for pictures/videos, or a better desciption. A 445nm built by Flaminpyro set to 650ma putting out a steady 550mw. Oh, and now it has aixiz 445 glass with the aixiz focus ring which makes it look even better! I'd like 150$ plus shipping. Add 5$ for a very nice 18650 from LarryDFW...
  10. kevinmassey

    800mw 445+Fireworks Show

    I have to say I love the 4th even more now that I have lasers to entertain with. One year ago I'd barely even heard of a green laser. The only site I'd seen was WL lol. This year was amazing. I've never seen such awesome beams in my whole life! I used a lighter less than 10 times! Across the...
  11. kevinmassey

    Twin 445s from Flaminpyro

    If all you want is burning videos I have plenty just check my youtube channel YouTube - kevinmassey1's Channel I'd like to thank Flaminpyro for my two new favorite lasers. He's a great guy to deal with. Alright on too the lasers. I got four lasers in two days :D The pictures don't do them...
  12. kevinmassey

    WL safety goggles vs. 780mw 445

    Alright, ever since wicked came out with their 1W Spyder III people have been wondering if the goggles sent with the spyder will suffice, so I decided I would test them, and see just how good they are. Then I remembered I had some yellow shooting goggles that seemed to work fairly well for...
  13. kevinmassey

    DL "Aurora" green now available in 100mw.

    I'm almost sure last time I checked it was only available in the 175mw version. Anyways here's the link. It's only 199$ Green Laser Pointer ----- 532nm Laser ----- Aurora Series Lasers :: Handheld Lasers :: Dragon Lasers
  14. kevinmassey

    Someone familiar with CPF pls help me out.

    I'm trying to contact aircraft800 on CPF, but I can't figure out how to use the forum. Can someone help me, or maybe send him a message for me?
  15. kevinmassey

    Safety hazards for 445nm

    Wicked put up this article. I'm very glad they did. I think anyone that is going to operate one of these 445s at higher powers, be it DIY, or from WL, should read this article, and be aware of the extreme safety hazards that come with these. This article should make these lasers scare you a...
  16. kevinmassey

    Texas Laserist Meet. Postponed to Fall

    Well I don't think Matt is really up to organizing a meet. He seems very busy, so now I'm planning just a laser meet. Hopefully it will be in late September, or early October. Again we need a new location unless y'all are willing to split the 90$ it costs to rent the pavilion.
  17. kevinmassey

    Already posted in 445 section.

    http://laserpointerforums.com/f65/wicked-lasers-445-spyder-iii-197-97-a-51554.html Already posted, sorry, here's the link.
  18. kevinmassey

    I'm have to sign in WAY to often.

    Almost everytime I look at a new thread I have to sign in again... It's starting to get pretty annoying. Is there anything I can do to fix this? It never used to do this.
  19. kevinmassey

    3ft. gas line explosion. Insane pics from my roof.

    This was definetly not an average day in my small town. It sounded like the loudest jet I've ever heard, so I ran outside, and saw the a cloud forming above what seemed to be the source of the noise. After that I climbed on my roof, and saw what I'd estimate to be a column of flame close to...
  20. kevinmassey

    FS: PD PRO, pocket knives, 360 games.

    Well I want to get in on one of these 445 builds, so I'm sellin alot of stuff. SOLD First up my PD pro. It uses two AAs, is rated at 100mw, and 20m waterproof. It modes hops a little sometimes when you first turn it on, but then it usually goes back to normal pretty quick. There is a set of...