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  1. ultimatekaiser

    Largest Commercial (happy kaiser?) Helium Neon laser in the world (SP125A)

    I’m just glad it was savable. Nice job! Just a clarification for lpf, this isn’t the largest helium neon in the world but it is definitely one of the biggest commercially sold ones! Nice pics too!
  2. ultimatekaiser

    Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]

    Yeah I’ve always wanted to try doing it. Theoretically it should be doable but you would have to have someone who can fabricate things for you, which I don’t have. Theoretically you could just make a cavity that is tec cooled, and pump a tiny ruby with huge leds or laser diodes of the...
  3. ultimatekaiser

    Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]

    i’ve personally never tried doing a CW Ruby but it requires extreme cooling to do, in order to depopulate it fast enough. it would be interesting to try with a little tiny block of ruby though. i’m betting if you had a tiny sliver of it like would be found an a DPSS laser, Multi stage tec...
  4. ultimatekaiser

    Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]

    Looks like a good one to me. If it has no scratches or chips in the faces, and is clear and monocrystalline when you look through it with no bubbles or deformities or anything, then it should be fine to use. 240mm x 15mm is quite large. The diameter might make it a bit challenging to pump...
  5. ultimatekaiser

    Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]

    I've worked with some really big ones, the largest being from a Korad machine that was quad pumped and about the size of a billy club/baton. I could've beat someone over the head with it. it was huge. The large one that I do have I don't remember the size of. most of the ones I use are quite...
  6. ultimatekaiser

    Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]

    That’s because they’re not anymore. The original picture host changed it’s policy in those pictures no longer exist. I’m sorry I haven’t replied as I haven’t been on in quite a while I do have several rods and mirrors, but none are presently in a laser. Making a ruby laser isn’t super hard, but...
  7. ultimatekaiser

    Absolutely Beautiful Laser Rainbow with Krypton Argon

    Looks like an omni 643 RYB
  8. ultimatekaiser

    Orange 607nm 170mW kvant Labby

    Yeah I would imagine its not so much an issue of fabricating it, but rather expensive due to non-standard, uncommonly used parts, so it’d be expensive simply due to low demand.
  9. ultimatekaiser

    Help with blown lasers

    It’d depend heavily on the build and parts used. I’d judt test them with a bench supply with a very low current limit. A diode test could give clues too
  10. ultimatekaiser

    Helium Neon Laser Pointer

    The A-14 is what I used in one of my old HeNe pointers I built for a friend. I had it set up with a 6" tube that did about a milliwatt, so I had it configured for 9V in and an output current of 3.7mA. I just set it up to use 2 18650s in series. I should probably find someone who can make me a...
  11. ultimatekaiser

    Helium Neon Laser Pointer

    Voltex is in my backyard and they make some of the best HeNe supplies you can get in my opinion, but they are very expensive. They actually make a rather unique universal power supply for HeNes, which I actually have been planning on doing a review of, but it's not here yet. I've used one of...
  12. ultimatekaiser

    Helium Neon Laser Pointer

    Yeah used to have a cylindrical one that is intended for those little 6 inch tubes and it hugs the back end mirror and is actually a pretty snazzy little thing from Melles Griot but I think voltex makes an equivalent. I’m not sure what I did with it. It would be great for that though
  13. ultimatekaiser

    Helium Neon Laser Pointer

    Very cool. I been thinking of buying some of those little cylindrical supplies and making a pointer out of some of my little 6" tubes. maybe I should take one of my oranges and make something similar
  14. ultimatekaiser

    New toy! Uniphase 1145P

    Agreed. I posess all the requisite equipment and knowledge to test it. You need only pay for shipping. I can also sell you a power supply if you so desire, which would greatly increase its propective value if it is healthy.
  15. ultimatekaiser

    New toy! Uniphase 1145P

    The 1145p is roughly a 4kv 6.5mA hene by spec when new. 21mW of red iirc. Power supplies for them are pretty expensive. That laser is pretty expensive if it’s in good shape, at least in theory. But most of them are well used by the time they hit the trash. You’d have to prove it is working and...
  16. ultimatekaiser

    please help me with my HeNe laser

    If I recall correctly that’s one of those little 6 inch siemens tubes correct? It probably won’t require all that much. Probably around 1200-1400v at 3.7mA or maybe 4mA. Somewhere in that neighborhood. how are supplies for tubes that small are a little harder to find, but they do pop up fairly...
  17. ultimatekaiser

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    I should probably sell my regular argon....I basically never run it anymore and it should probably go to a good home
  18. ultimatekaiser

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    If it’s the same as mine, it’s 670nm diode at <1mW. Mine does about 0.8mW. They’re pretty old, very early pointers. Mine’s still in the box too. Though I’ve used it a little. They’re not all that bright since it’s pre-635nm diode days, but the laser‘s red dot is a nice deep red little pinprick...
  19. ultimatekaiser

    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    Glad it got worked out. Enjoy! Maybe I’ll pull my Brewster out one of these days again too.
  20. ultimatekaiser

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    I can relate. they make great heaters. I haven't fired up mine in ages. Ultimately small air cooled argons dont care how long they sit though as long as they're not leaky in my experience though. It's only large argons that have gas replenishment need running to keep the gas pressure under control.