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  1. bloompyle

    WTB> Confirmed 493-503nm

    Hello all, I'm in the market for a diode that's been confirmed in the 493-503nm range. I know it's narrow, and I should be satisfied by ~488/505nm, but after seeing the 496 and 502 lines on my Ar+ so many years ago, it's always been a dream to get more than a couple hundred uW of that...
  2. bloompyle

    Decent pen-sized drivers?

    Hello folks, I'm more settled in my new home, and now that I'm (still) unpacking, I've found a collection of old hosts and diodes that I haven't done anything with. I have a handful of unmarked de-canned diodes, another handful of regularly canned diodes, a 1W 405nm, a 505nm or two, and a...
  3. bloompyle

    WTB> Sand-blasted matte turquoise pen

    Hey! The full request is in the title, I’m looking for a custom built sand-blasted matte turquoise pen, or similarly slender host. I really want my upcoming 505nm build to pop. I’ve got a ton of diodes lying around that I haven’t had the opportunity to put into a build, figure it’s about time...
  4. bloompyle

    B> YAG/KTP Mounts

    Aloha. I'm looking for someone to build some custom Ø1.0" mounts to hold some various sized YAG and KTP crystals. Most of the crystals are around 2-3.5mm LxW, height is irrelevant. I'm looking for copper, and I'd like the disks to be 7mm wide with a wedge that will allow me to drop the...
  5. bloompyle

    All 609nm please stand up

    In short, Sam and I (and likely Steve without him realizing it) need everyone with 609nm lasing to self-identify here. Preferably with some recent imagery of the line in question visible. We have some theories that we need to test, and in doing so, we need two things. 1. All known owners of...
  6. bloompyle

    WTB> Nd:YAG, LBO, BBO, or other DPSS

    In short, I'm interested in DPSS supplies. To elaborate, here's my laundry list: Nd:YAG rod - Doesn't need to be large or crazy big. Enough for a couple hundred mW of 532 post KTP. LBO or BBO - I've got blue work in mind as well. Mirrors - Mirrors coated HR@ any known Nd gains line and...
  7. bloompyle

    Atomic and Optical Physics MIT

    For those interested in 25 hours of brain food, here is a 25 video playlist of hour long lectures from MIT's Open Course Ware class, "Atomic and Optical Physics I." Enjoy! https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUl4u3cNGP62FPGcyFJkzhqq9c5cHCK32
  8. bloompyle


    Since I currently lack the words to articulate my current sadness. I'll leave this. I returned home from work today, like usual, and went to grab something off my dresser. I saw the following. I don't know if it's from one of the three room inspections we've had recently, or if had been...
  9. bloompyle

    WTB> 2 Cheapish Hosts

    Hello all, I need to get off my lazy lethargic ass and start getting back at my work at hand. That said, these hands haven't seen work in many moons. I would like two not-so-expensive hosts that I can use as a sandbox for a bit. Something to allow easy and quick gratification. Before I...
  10. bloompyle

    My apologies.

    Hello everyone, I'd like to apologize for my absence. Does that sound as pretentious as it looks?. Probably so. But understand that I don't mean for it to look as though I'm trying to blow myself up. I just, know of a couple folks that have missed me. Though before we get into that, I'd like...
  11. bloompyle

    Where are my gamers at?

    *shameless plug* So, for my gamers out there, I have a twitch that I am streaming on at least every other day, but mostly every day. Especially on the weekends. I am actually LIVE right now :) So if you're interested, here's my twitch :) I hope this isn't frowned upon, mods let me know if...
  12. bloompyle

    So ... what's up?

    Hey yall, been a while... Doesn't look like I've missed any new diodes, or at least new wavelengths. Anything new happen in the past month or two? :tinfoil:
  13. bloompyle

    48hr No Sleep

    Wrote this up on Facebook, and figured some folks here would find this interesting. Next 3 or 4 day weekend, I'm staying up for 48 hours. To break my current 42hr max. Which really isn't a lot. If I had more things to do, I could have easily stayed up later. I wasn't tired until my head hit...
  14. bloompyle

    BUYING DPSS/Optical Mounts + Equipment

    :wave::wave:Hello all!:wave::wave: I have recently-ish changed my medium of research from gas/ion, to solid state. More specifically, diode-pumped solid state. My one main setback is decent quality mounts made for DPSS. I have plenty of decent mounts that cover coarse X/Y adjustment. I've...
  15. bloompyle

    Best $100 Camera For Lasers

    Hello :) I think I've made a couple similar threads. Though before I was looking into making an investment that really never took place. Just wasn't worth the $300+ investment cost. I am looking for something simple. A good camera for around $100, that I can alter the shutter speed on for...
  16. bloompyle

    Fun-Fact thread

    So I decided to make a thread for fun-facts. Not saying I am going to dump daily facts here. Sort of just like a random fact from time to time that you want to share. So I will start! Fun-fact. Laser mice don't work on top of diffraction gratings. I assume this is because the light...
  17. bloompyle

    Put some JAZZ in your life ;)

    I made a nice Jazz/Swing playlist on Pandora. Currently in it's "grooming stage". This is basically where I thumb up/down a LOT of songs until it is perfect. Anyway, this came on, and I needed to share. So get some JAZZ in your life :cool::cool:
  18. bloompyle

    Amazing lecture on future lasers

    I just watched this lecture that covers mostly pulsed lasers, mode-locked lasers, things in that domain. From past to future. Wonderful lecture, I recommend it to anyone really into the science of this hobby, and wants to further their grasp on the technologies out in labs and things beyond...
  19. bloompyle

    Laser Simulator?

    Hello all! I am hoping that someone here can do better than Google, and get me really what I am looking for. I am making a fairly heavy request, but I know what I am looking for has to exist somewhere. I am looking for a software that will allow me to basically play in my own cavity/resonator...
  20. bloompyle

    $1 560/590/640nm laser

    Always neat stuff around :) pulsed at 2hz ish, but cold maybe be repped faster to around 10-20hz if you poke around. No idea. There are 2 other similar units for $1. One ending in 22hr. LUMENIS Quantum Laser - IPL Sale