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  1. Av8tor

    Jetlasers Pl-e Pro 532nm 300mW!! Cream Factor-10! *Pic-Heavy*

    Hello LPF! As promised here is my second review, however todays tent-pitching Beauty is... Well as some of you know, my laser virginity was taken by the Pl-E Mini 405nm 300mW laser (She's petite, but boy is she quick to please) from Jetlasers on May 22nd and before even receiving her sweet...
  2. Av8tor

    Jetlasers Pl-E Mini 405nm 300mW Review - Lots of Pictures

    Hello, as some of you know I am new to LPF and am loving the community here. I signed up when I ordered my first two lasers (not pointers) from Jetlasers, however I am going to write two separate reviews so they may be easier to find for people interested in the different models. Let's start...
  3. Av8tor

    Laser Safety Checklist

    Hello LPF, As I am new to Lasers and inspired by Radim (Thank You Radim) I decided to make a Safety Checklist for myself that I can laminate and keep with an expo marker with my lasers to use when I want to use My lasers. I couldn't find anything in quite this simple applicable format when...
  4. Av8tor

    Hello and Thank You LPF

    My name is Brendan and I've had my eye on this forum on and off for a few years and have enjoyed lasers (and all tech) since the time I was young and had my first red laser pointer that I believe outlived my first dog, if only I still knew where it was:-) Anyways, after wanting to get a proper...