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  1. Enchilada

    Budget LPM [Review & Measurements on a portfolio of different diodes & handhelds with Tornado & Pocket Laser Power Meter]

    Purchased these two budget LPMs in early 2018' and now had them for more than 3 years, and thought I would share how they stack up and show the damage to the sensor area, after numerous years of use' - as I did also took some pictures while they were quite new and been lazing them with all the...
  2. Enchilada

    Bench power supply and laser diodes..

    Got two questions.. I notice many members seems to run there diode in sinkhousing from bench-power supplies, when benchmarking there diodes. Is this as straight as it appears.. Are an rookie on this field and not least electronics lab'ish equipment, but judging from the pictures it seems that...
  3. Enchilada

    Diode versus driver, pins placement?

    Hi guys. My first diode+driver replacement, but got a feeling that the two pins i have placed on drivers LD+ & LD- according to the diode +/- schematic. But looking on the retail models, it doesnt look right.. are my minus & plus correct, or is it the other solderpoint on the other side of the...
  4. Enchilada

    Hi guys.. proud to be part of this competent userbase ' there fold there wings here..

    Hey guys.. :beer: Jakob from Scandinavia Denmark (North EU). The last weeks been enjoying, as a guest, and trying to comprihent the world of lasers.. Aint my general field, that useally is as private hedgefund manager, trying to make sense of the market, and not least performing the margins...