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  1. brianpe

    Converting Spectra Physics ZLM Laser Head to 532NM (Part 1, ruined my FAP edition)

    First, the good news: I successfully designed a dual constant current power supply to drive two FAP800s for this laser head. It is small and can run off a LiPo RC car battery. It can deliver 50A to each FAP and can be controlled by a microprocessor: I was able to easily take the two FAP800's...
  2. brianpe

    My New LPM Design

    Several years ago I built an LPM based on an Ophir head, voltmeter, and DC-DC converter (original post). Since that time I've found the need for something new: Powers are getting higher, and my Ophir head maxes out at about 10 watts. Need a new head for dual-diode designs. Really large case...
  3. brianpe

    Converting Spectra Physics ZLM Laser Head to 532NM (Part 0, initial pumping)

    I've wanted to build a high powered DPSS green for a long time and won an eBay auction for a used Spectra Physics ZLM laser head. This head can do about 10W of 1064 and my intent is to convert it to green, or failing that strip it for crystals and optics and build my own. But first, I have to...
  4. brianpe

    Battery Powered Labby, Mark II

    A while ago I built a battery powered lab laser (Battery Powered Labby). It was a fun project but beam quality wasn't that good and I there were some changes I wanted to make to the control electronics. Meet Labby 2: Changes from Labby 1: Extra 2X cylindrical lens mounted back to back with...
  5. brianpe

    Battery powered labby project

    I wanted to see if I could make something with two NUBM44 diodes beam combined and corrected for a better beam profile and decided on a lab format to give me space for optics. I also battery powered it from a large RC car LiPo, so it's portable. I partially succeeded. The NUBM44 is really a...
  6. brianpe

    PWM diode "whines" when not at 100%. Will this shorten life?

    Hi -- I'm building a labby using a BlackBuck 8 driver and the new NUBM47 diodes from DTR. I want to control the power output and I'm experimenting with both an analog control voltage on the BlackBuck and using PWM from an Arduino. Using PWM would give me a lot more flexibility, but when the...
  7. brianpe

    Simple Single Battery LPM

    I wanted to dust off my engineering skills and build my own LPM. Something simple with a pre-calibrated Ophir head and voltmeter. So really, all I built was a power supply. The supply runs off a single 9v battery. That is fed to a 7805 to provide stable power to the volt meter and to a DC-DC...
  8. brianpe

    First Build: 2.5w Handheld

    After lurking and reading for quite some time I finally got around to my first build. I'm using a 9mm diode from DTR and a 2.1a x-drive coupled to a host from Survival Laser with two 3.7v LiPo batteries. Everything here is "off the shelf" as I don't have a machine shop handy. The result is...
  9. brianpe

    Greetings from Seattle

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while now and thought it time to come out of the shadows. I've always had a fascination with lasers. In high school I tried to build my own argon laser from scratch (even the tube). It glowed purple for a brief few seconds, but that's it. I own a 5mw...