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  1. bata

    EDIT: 500mw 520nm Zombie Killer *PRICE DROP*

    I've only had this laser probably a couple weeks but over the holiday week, my 66' f100 blew out an axle bearing and I need the money for parts. Its a 500mw 520nm laser it would come with: laser battiers charger LPM chart Goggles. I'm asking 300 shipped in US. I've had no issues with it...
  2. bata

    Wanted: 300-500mW 532nm or 520nm

    Anyone got either a 520nm or 532nm laser between 300-500mW they are willing to sell?
  3. bata

    WANTED: Wicked Lasers Krypton

    So i love the host on the krypton and will never pay what they want on the site. Does anyone have any that has a confirmed output that they are willing to sell. I'm interested in anything 400mw and up.
  4. bata

    Bata's almost complete cleanout sale!!* ALL SOLD*

    Well it seems that whenever I finally get a good amount of lasers, something comes up requiring money. So I'm cleaning out for the most part. The complete list of stuff I'm selling is: assorted batteries, chargers, diffraction caps, 267mw 650nm, around 100mw 650nm, 115mn 532nm, and a 1.6W 445nm...
  5. bata

    Most of my lasers at midnight

    All the credit goes to my brother for these shots. I was finally able to drag him out to shoot some of these. :D These were all shot with his Canon 6D with 100mm 2.8L lens. This isn't all of my lasers but a majority of them. 116mw 532nm 267mw 650nm 300mw 532nm 300mw 532nm with...
  6. bata

    My buying experience with KRNAZNBOY

    So this is going to be a type of seller review/build quality review. I recently bought the 1.6W 445nm pocket rocket from KRNAZNBOY from this thread >http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/sold-1-6-watt-pocket-rocket-pman-special-custom-al-heatsink-m140-1-5a-86605.html#post1259214 From the very...
  7. bata

    Bata's last lasers for sale

    Hey guys, well as many of you have experienced I need to sell the last of my laser stuff as I need the money. As of right now i'm selling my last three 532's custom made box, four 16340 batteries, and a duel trustfire charger. I am open to offers for single items but i would prefer to sell it...
  8. bata

    Near perfect condition Spartan 1W 447nm For Sale

    I am pained to say that I need to sell my baby. This is a Spartan 1W (metered at 996mW by danefex) from Dragon lasers. If bought directly from dragon lasers it will run you about $250 without shipping, not goggles, batteries, or a charger. I have kept this laser within its duty cycle and in...
  9. bata

    LTdash laser amazon review

    A little back story, my earlier 95mw 532nm died recently and I needed a 532 for a speech that I am doing soon. So I didn't have time to wait for something to pop up on the B/S/T section so I went with the laser that had the best rating on Amazon. On to the review. Shipping: payed 1/25/13...
  10. bata

    My paper on lasers

    Hey everyone, I had an Advanced comp assignment to write an article and since I am in the hobby of lasers I chose to write about them. An Unknown Hobby…Until Now Recently, a previously unknown hobby hit the World. In previous years this hobby was not well known, and many people today still...
  11. bata

    A New Spartan Burning Test

    I was bored on sunday and this is the result haha. A new Spartan 1W burning test - YouTube :thanks:
  12. bata

    Small laser host *SOLD*

    Found out my greenie is dead this morning so guess what I'm posting. This is a small probably around 4 inch host. I am only asking $10 shipped in the US. It might come with a dead module if anyone wants the module for any reason. I'm selling this and my ipod nano 4th gen to pick up another...
  13. bata

    A simple question

    So I go to pop in the batteries for my 95mw greenie and nothing happens. All there is, is a small red light that the diode is emitting. I was using a lot yesterday and it was all good. Its not the batteries as they are fully charged. So what could cause this? (i'm assuming its fried)
  14. bata

    Beamshots of a 1W spartan and 95mw 532nm

    I'm still trying to figure out the best way to take beamshots so these aren't the best. Thx for looking :thanks:
  15. bata

    Taking apart a wicked lasers core

    So, I'm getting a core from a friend that I sold it too. She said it stopped working and wants me to buy her son a new one. So told her to let me hold onto the core and just give me $10 bucks. Anyway, i'm not planning on keeping the module that is in the core. I am planning on putting this...
  16. bata

    Removing Diode from heatsink

    After a year of having my 800mw 445nm laser (bought from dave) I am finally having an issue with it. I'm one of those guys who enjoys taking stuff apart and seeing what everything connects to. Well doing that too many times on this laser caused the wires that connected the diode to the circuit...
  17. bata

    Need a green laser focusing lens

    I learned a valuable lesson in cleaning lasers today. I usually take a toothpick and place a bit of a paper towel on the end and wet it with windex then follow it with a dry paper towl. However, tonight, I went to clean my green laser and couldn't find any toothpicks and found the next skinniest...
  18. bata


    Up for sale today is a NEBO host. It is a LED flashlight host that still has the flashlight parts inside. It also has a side button for you side button lovers. It does have some scratches on it as it has been in my camel back for a couple years. Other than that, it would make an awesome host...
  19. bata

    Looking for some greenies *Already found one*

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has a 532nm around 120mw to 50mw (low IR output) that they are willing to sell. I don't really care if its a pen or a flashlight type of host. If so either leave a reply or PM me.
  20. bata

    40 to 75mw 532nm wanted

    Looking for a relatively low power laser so that i have one that is not as powerful :P and i can have fun with. I would prefer it to be a pen but don't really care.