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  1. hampsterMSR

    Very off-topic

    Hi, like the title says, this is extremelly off-topic, but i have this quick question: Say a projector has an anti theft GPS locator, can someone link me the picture of how it would look like, in order to remove it? Thank you ,Regards hampster :D
  2. hampsterMSR

    Why did you bought a laser'?

    Why did you bought a laser, and how much $$ have you spent total in the laser business ? Thank you :D
  3. hampsterMSR


    Hi :D , i have this question, wich i would like to know the answer, so here it goes: wich laser power will guarantee instant blindness ( if the beam is pointed directly into the eye). PS. I DO NOT intend to make any negligence, I just like to be informed. =D
  4. hampsterMSR

    LZTN - 532nm 30mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer

    LZTN - 532nm 30mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer from Lazerer, has anybody here owned these models? do you think it makes a good/ relatively cheap mini astronomy laser? is it good price? it has a stated power of 30-40mW
  5. hampsterMSR

    Public use??

    Hi, I am shooting the beam "to the sky" and I am in a cafe at a quite populated city, like NYC;PARIS;BARCELONA etc... Will the cops come to me? is it a "Crime" ?
  6. hampsterMSR

    Wich laser would you buy with >120 Dollars (90 euros); Why?

    Wich laser would you buy with >120 Dollars (90 euros)? and why? i would like to know what experienced laser users would do with this money. Would it be Green?Blue?or Red? etc. Thank you :D
  7. hampsterMSR

    100mW 445nm vs 50mW 532nm? (beam visibility)

    how would you compare this two for pointing out stars/beam visibility. ThankZ :D
  8. hampsterMSR

    Decide between 3 18650 batteries

    this (arround 9 euro with shipping) eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace this (arround 17 euro with shipping) 2x Xtar 2600mAh 18650 protected 3.7v batteries + case | eBay or (also arround 17 eur with shipping) 2x Sanyo 2600mAh Li-ion 18650 3.7v + protective case | eBay Wich is the best...
  9. hampsterMSR

    Please, delete this post.

    need help, my 50mW laser pointer turns off after 1-2 sec of use, till the point it wont start, probably the battery is needing charge(at least lets hope so) becouse from a second to another whenever I turned the laser on, it worked for like 1 second, and it then shutdown itself. to a point it...
  10. hampsterMSR

    [HampsterMSR] 50mW 532nm "Power Rock" from O-like

    Hi, my first(^^) laser just arrived and decided to make a litle review about it.(Be aware this is my first review, English is not my mother lenguage and i used a phone 2MP camera to take pictures) Name: "Power Rock" Power: 50mW Host:: 2.5 cm x 14cm, it is made of metal, feels very sturdy, it...
  11. hampsterMSR

    Visibility 50mW vs 100mW

    Hi, I'm curious, from 50mW to 100mW 532nm, will the beam be significantly brighter? or is just the burning that changes?
  12. hampsterMSR

    50mW 532nm Without googles?

    Hi, I recently ordered a 50mW 532nm laser, and I do not intend to buy safety/protection googles. I am aware of the reflectives surfaces, I do not intend to burn nor point the laser at >10SI(m). Anyways, i'm only into shooting the beam at far distances and up the sky, should I worry? Also, just...
  13. hampsterMSR

    1000m 50mW laser reflection experience? Need help from the PRO's

    Hi, I am new here :] Anyways, i came up with an idea (Probably you laser addicts allready tought about it ^^) So, i ordered an 50mW 532nm laser from O-like(still being shipped), and when i look at my window, i see a mountain at Aprox.1000m (SI) or 0.6 miles, and i thought about placing a mirror...