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  1. oic0

    Living Cell Laser

    I must stop making fun of laser beam eyes on super heroes. BBC News - Laser is produced by a living cell
  2. oic0

    Anyone paint their Arctic?

    Lets face it, this laser has nothing good going for it except the host. I'm working on sexing mine up a bit. Still a work in progress, still a bit too plain. I'm working on it though. I'm surprised you guys arent, I heard a number of people talk about painting theirs when it was still a glimmer...
  3. oic0

    Lumia wheel fail

    *sigh* dont go to walmart looking for a clock to make a lumia wheel from. This one was 8 bucks. Once I got there I realized that none of the clocks were turned on so I couldnt see which ones ticked and which ones moved smoothly. I shook them to see which ones had slack in the second hand. I...
  4. oic0

    FS: Arctic Spyder G1

    Asking 230 shipped. Will consider trades. Includes the origional box, both lenses that came with it, upgraded 2400mah battery, and the not so protective glasses they include with it. Ok I got this thing, its cool and all, but while waiting on it for so long I built my own. Also racked up some...
  5. oic0

    Is this the most powerful handheld? (fiber coupled 1000w)

    YouTube - Lasercleanall's Channel sNPVt3cMkT0 YouTube - Lasercleanall's Channel I have ZERO need of such a thing, but I want it. I dont know why. I just neeeedz it. But would need a way to focus it down to a dot.
  6. oic0

    Laser Trace Round?

    Ok before you tell me "STFU and SEARCH", this is different than the ideas people were having to put lasers in bullets or on arrows. Anyhow here goes. I shoot some ol lever actions that fire big bullets at pretty low FPS. My plinking loads are .38 special and out of the rifle they fly at...
  7. oic0

    Spotlight effect is hard to catch!

    Its a really hard effect to catch :( the beam looks so epic at night defocused though since even in that state the entire thing is visible. Its hard to tell from the pictures but that spot is probably 20ft wide. Its shining in to a tree thats actually a good ways away. It looks sort of piddly on...
  8. oic0

    Minimum focus point size with Aixis

    I was just wondering if anyone has done any minimum focus point tests with different wavelengths / diodes using the common Aixis module and collimating lens as the focusing device (just for apples to apples comparison)? I remember people saying how tight the 405s can get. I know my 445 makes...
  9. oic0

    Alright count me addicted

    Just bought a red Dilda to round out my collection (red being the last color to acquire lol, how backwards). That leaves me with 2x 445s, 2x 405s, 2x 532s, and soon to be 1x 650s. Just a few months ago I had none. I'm still craving a very powerful IR but I dont have the $$$ for one and the...
  10. oic0

    X-Ray laser

    I'm sure you guys already read about this one, but for anyone who hasn't, they have a functioning X-ray laser that doesn't require a thermonuclear reaction. They plan to use it to take pictures of molecular events. World’s Most Intense X-Ray Laser Takes First Shots | Wired Science | Wired.com...
  11. oic0

    Combining portables into a labby

    Just thinking here. There are a lot of good cheap portable hosts now days. Combining multiple diodes inside a lab unit is great, except then they aren't portable ;) has anyone experimented with a lab unit that combines multiple beams but with removable portable lasers providing the beams...
  12. oic0

    Can 445 set white paper on fire easily?

    Asked youtube to swap the audio, if it doesnt yet, just mute it lol. I was on the phone with a friend trying to pretend I was listening. I just got my new lens and new glasses. Wanted to see if they were good enough to keep it from reflecting when hitting a white surface (thats actually the...
  13. oic0

    Any 445 accidents yet?

    Come on guys fess up. How many times have you inadvertently exposed yourselves to 445 now. I assume no one has been hit in the eye yet, but whos looked at their dot too close up. I know my safety glasses fell off once already exposing me until I could close my eyes (about half a second). Ordered...
  14. oic0

    Oh thats just dirty.....

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/ban-the-spyder-3-pro-artic-laser/ Look close at the link he gives to their sight for people to go learn about it... thats just DIRTY. Hope that wasnt one of yall.
  15. oic0

    Pocket Dust Cover?

    I know you guys put your lasers in your pockets some times, what do yall do about a dust cover for the lens? I was thinking it would be cool having something that fits snug, looks cool, and stinks like crazy when it burns (just in case!) or can absorb the energy without back reflections. Anyone...
  16. oic0

    Ok, finally "done" Aurora Kit

    Sort of rigged and a bit of a compromise, but I think I can live with the outcome. Was my first built and first foray into assembling anything electronic that required soldering. Anyhow, my gimpy wiring left the aixiz sticking a little bit out of the heat sink, so I wrapped some coils of thick...
  17. oic0

    Some good color shots, trying to clean my lens

    Just a couple shots I got when I was trying to use my camera sort of like a microscope to see whats going on with the lens. And a couple I took of the unfocused beam plus one of the dot indoors. My camera captures the color perfectly, though it does get overpowered indoors and loses its ability...
  18. oic0

    Microboost vs Flexdrive connections

    I keep reading that something is different between the two but I just can't bring my electrically challenged mind to grasp it. At current I have the + from my flex going to the positive on diode, neg to the negative. Third pin unused. On the battery side positive goes to positive lead, negative...
  19. oic0

    Be careful with those Wicked Safety Glasses

    I know the things say OD 5 in the 445 range, and OD 6 in the 532 green range. For kicks I tried one of my lil greenies, around 50mw, with the glasses on. There is almost zero difference in brightness. The lil greeny still hurts my eyes when hitting a light colored surface. It's still like...
  20. oic0

    Flexdrive pot issue

    No testload for my setup since the driver max power would still be safe. I soldered the three resistors together and broke off the end one (it popped off when the solder touched it really). I didnt know the pot was a single turn piece (dumb I know, its tiny! I shoulda known), using a small light...