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  1. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Dead on interpretation Red. Obviously to obtain green vs Blue different doping element/ elements were added. I do think they are related but differ with doping amounts/ elements. I like the particle size vs emitter size theory as well. Always blows my mind how many photons are streaming...
  2. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Still pushing this decanned diode at 2.3A and it's doing just fine. By far it's the most visible. Blows people's minds when they see it. I love 467-470, love 455s burning power, 405 BDR is very unique at its single mode power and unique interactions with various elements. But this is just a...
  3. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Just an update from my diode I bought almost a year ago. Still pushing hard with gball removed. Settled on a 2 element lens with the popular beam expander here(forgot it's name). I do have a bad habit of changing lenses(I have a lot!) frequently. I suppose its just for the off chance I get...
  4. barthchris

    FS: SKDRIVER for 7w, KDRIVER buck 2.6A, boost 1.1A, linear 0.8A

    Has the updated version been tested yet?
  5. barthchris

    18650 powering 5W diode?

    I love MX900 hosts! Rick Trent used to make some nice heatsinks for it but I recently asked him and hes out so Lifetime it is. Rick had both copper and AL heatsinks. I've only used the Al but think a copper HS would work best for soldering a PCB W a spring contact. AL is almost...
  6. barthchris

    3.5W NDB7A75 445nm Laser Diode

    Good diode! Ive been running it at 4A for a week or two with lots of relatively long duty cycles. 60-90 seconds. Rick Trent AL heatsink barely gets warm. I really need power meter so I have no idea what its output is. Using a two-element lens with a Sanwa beam expander. Can burn a birch...
  7. barthchris

    7W 445nm VS. 4W 470nm

    Divergence is much better for the 470nm (without the gball lens) it will appear brighter than the 445nm as well. IMO the 520nm will blow your mind!
  8. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Thanks for the warning fellas! No issues yet.... I do realize I'm chancing it without a properly scoped/designed driver. I really need to invest in a decent scope one day and learn how to use it. No modes, just on- off. Remember they were supposedly good to 15V. Just running them on two lion...
  9. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Yes I did.. Wouldnt connect without measuring first. No oscilloscope so not sure about spikes. Diode seems tough though.
  10. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Well I switched out the driver for a inexpensive 2.3A round LED driver. Wanted the Black buck for another build. Simple on off, no modes. Still alive and works great. Used A LOT and no signs of degradation. A MUST have diode!!!
  11. barthchris

    ACEBEAM New Arrival: H50 Triple LED Wide Beam Angle Rechargeable Headlamp

    Looks nice really nice. Im almost to the point that working with a headlight is a necessity. Using one that takes 3 aaa. I use rechargable but they still have short life. 18650 is awesome. Have tons of good cells.
  12. barthchris

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Agreed. Decanned (when not scanned) they are by far my favorite diode ever. Wavelength is super visable and impressive! I can't remember what I set my current to but I think it's either 1.8 or 2.4A, opting for 1.8A. I think I even went to 3.5A with my PS before any noticeable knee with raw...
  13. barthchris

    25mm heatsink?

    Just use three good 18650's. The current capacity of those nimh will be limited.
  14. barthchris

    Interesting web page discussing the optics of the eye and wavelength

    My peepers suck as age, especially night vision(only 46, look young, feel old). Laser damage ---maybe but I do have an eye doc friend who I met in a drone racing club that looked at my retnias with specialized equipment and saw no damage. BTW the eye doc is a laser nerd. Got his start in...
  15. barthchris

    Solar Pumped Laser

    Ive heard Mars atmosphere has the conditions prime for a natural laser. This was MANY years ago though.
  16. barthchris

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Now that Ive totally derailed this thread..... Sorry fellas!! You were right Paul it was an ACS500SE (assume SE is SEPIC) driver not the buck driver. Yes, attention to rapid heat removal is essential. Im anal about diodes being pressed in straight and level with as much package contact as...
  17. barthchris

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Same just happened to me yesterday after last post. Lol!!. Maybe a few min of short duty cycles. Was kinda bummed I saw such little light but just for $hit$ & giggles I connected diode to my PS and voila, it was fine!! Brand new ACS5000 set to 900mAh., used 1 really good lion cell(yes...
  18. barthchris

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    What do you think makes the diode emit in single mode with the amount of power were "pumping" it with. Semiconductor shape? Placement of bond wires. Heat dissipation, quality of semiconductor? All of the above? Its (BDR) is definitely a standout in SM diodes. SOJs tended to blink out on me...
  19. barthchris

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Ehh, this place had a special kind of nasty for a time. Ive been posting freely at RC groups, other electronics forums for years without issues. Here was different. A possible explanation could be idiots gaining unwanted attention to our hobby with wicked 1W POS and tolerance was low. Still...
  20. barthchris

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Described me to the T. This so deserves its own thread but hell, here it is. My first real laser. 1993 $88 under the glass at radio shack. Was only 18 and HAD to have it. Still works!!! Takes two odd voltage batteries. I dont have it near me to confirm though. I will say this horror of...