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  1. HydroSean

    Convert Wavelength to Color

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon this app on wolframalpha where you can type in a wavelength in nm and it shows you an image of that color! Thought I'd share this with you all and post a little spectrum with 5 nm increments of our visible spectrum. Enjoy :beer: Wolfram|Alpha Widgets: "Convert...
  2. HydroSean

    Motorcycle fans here

    So I've decided that when I buy this house here in the next year I'm going to be getting a motorcycle in addition to my new Rav4 lol Just thought I'd get some feedback as to the one I'm looking of buying for my first +200cc motorcycle. Here's the one I'm looking at...
  3. HydroSean

    Amazing Laser Show

    Check out this amazazazazing laser show Look how crazy it gets between 2:20-2:30
  4. HydroSean

    Just thought I'd share this

    Here's an excerpt from The Matrix: Reloaded The Oracle is like God, in that she is omniscient. Neo is "the one", like us humans, asking her questions about his path to salvation. This to me, further affirms the point of how religion is apocryphal and unsubstantiated. Christianity and Islam...
  5. HydroSean

    Best Diodes for RGB

    So I have bought three dichroic mirrors for an RGB build I am going to make. I need some really good beam specs for the three diodes I am going for this project. I think I have some good ones narrowed down but I figured I would get some extra input as to which combination you guys would...
  6. HydroSean

    600mW Yellow Laser Build

    So I just purchased these dichroic mirrors (link) to build a high power yellow laser by mixing red and green laser light. Here's a picture of what I hope will work, please let me know if you see any flaws :D So which red wavelength should I get 650nm or 638nm? Also what about the green...
  7. HydroSean

    Cold Steel Green Laser Build - 1.438 Watts of 520nm!

    Hi guys n' gals(but mostly guys lol), this is my first green laser build at over 1.4 Watts of power and 520nm of color. All the parts are listed below this paragraph(links coming soon) and an explaination of how I assembled the parts together. From DTR: -N-company NDG7475 1.438 Watt 520 nm...
  8. HydroSean

    1 kW Laser

    I was thinking of saving up for a 1 kW laser rifle much like the one styropyro built in his video once I get my student loan paid off. What I would do differently would be to use NUBM44s focused independently with a G-2 lens', then much like styropyros to collimate them into one with a large...
  9. HydroSean

    Who Won the First Presidential Debate?

    Whoever watched the entire debate cast your vote here :D :beer: and let us know who you think won and why. I personally think Trump won because he was more passionate on the crucial problems that face our country while Clinton was laughing most of the time. This is serious business and is no...
  10. HydroSean

    My New 3W Kryton Groove NDB7875 445nm Laser!

    Hey guys, I recently purchased this complete Kryton Groove laser from grainde. It uses the NDB7875 and outputs 3 Watts! This host is really beautiful and quite remarkable as well. Here is the for sale thread where I first saw it...
  11. HydroSean

    Make Your Own Spectrometer for Under $1

    Spectrometers can be used to measure the wavelength of your laser. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on precision spectrometers, but for the hobbyist this one is incredibly cheap and fun to build. Granted the resolution is much lower but it still works just fine. Disclaimer: You must...
  12. HydroSean

    Free Laser from Work :D

    Hey guys, so my boss just gave me this laser from our NIR instrument at work for free! :D She said it stopped working and the company didn't want to waste time fixing it so they just bought a new one :crackup: I am going to take it home and test it out and see if its the driver or the laser that...
  13. HydroSean

    Meme Thread

    Post your memes here :D Remember to follow the rules and lets have some fun with this :crackup:
  14. HydroSean

    Which Green Laser Should I Get (cost aside)?

    I am in the market for a new diode for my next build project. I want the highest power green laser diode which from my quick research is 1W. I noticed there are two 1W diodes and also a 700mW one. The two 1W ones are the NUGM01 and NDG7475 and the 700mW one is the NDG700, all are 520nm in...
  15. HydroSean

    Making a 485nm diode lol :p

    Since the 480-490nm diodes are somewhat of a unicorn nowadays I figured I'd go into research to make my own 485nm diode. I know the traditional 450nmish diode uses an InN-ZnN-GaN NIP junction which gives a bandgap of 2.75eV (=450nm). I was thinking if maybe we could switch out the GaN for TiO2...
  16. HydroSean

    New M462 2W 462nm Laser Build! :D

    Okay here is my latest (2nd lol) addition to my laser collection. I call it the Tactical Burner :D I purchased the M462 2W diode from DTR and put it in an S4 extended battery host from Survival Lasers USA :D Here are the links to all the parts I got for this build (minus wires, heat shrink, et...
  17. HydroSean

    7 Watt Laser LIGHTSABER Build!! NUBM44

    Hey guys, I recently purchased the Guardian lightsaber empty hilt from Ultrasabers to make a high powered real laser lightsaber with. You can see the unboxing and dimension pics of that host here...
  18. HydroSean

    Using Host as a Wire

    So I noticed on several flashlights they connect the negative end of the battery from the spring to the entire laser host and use the host as a wire to connect to the negative end of the lamp. My question is this how I should do it if I am using two series feilong 32650s connected to an sxd...
  19. HydroSean

    WTB: 10 Watt Laser Power Meter

    Anyone have a laser power meter that can measure up to 10 Watts and want to sell me it? I looked all over the internet and the cheapest one was like $900. Does anyone know of one for around $200?
  20. HydroSean

    Ultrasabers The Guardian Unboxing and Dimensions **WARNING PIC HEAVY**

    Now, the moment you all have been waiting for...well about 5 of you but you get the point :p The following are pictures and dimensions for Ultrasabers "Guardian" empty hilt. I ordered it with the guarded switch hole and also purchased the latching guarded switch. The host can be purchased here...