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    Group Buy for Imalent DD2R XM-L2 $45 .00

    There is a GB going on at BLF for this unique flashlight. IMALENT DD2R Cree XM-L2 1065lm Touch LCD Flashlight Not bad for the price. http://laserpointerforums.com/f66/review-imalent-dd2r-xm-l2-1x-18650-2x-cr123-edc-touch-display-88773.html Group Buy Feeler for Imalent DD2R XM-L2 light *NEW*...

    400mW RGB white light laser

    What do you think guys???? Not to bad for the price. 400mW RGB white laser module/laser light module/TTL modulation Price: $116.00 It is newest design ,smaller size ,but strong power . easy to carry . Input voltage :12VDC Input Current: <1A Output current:400mA RGB white light Output...

    Please help ID this laser device

    Don't know anything about this thing, looks like some sort of measurement device. Looks like it could have been expensive when new. Talk about a small gas laser!!!

    First or oldest laser pic

    Post the first or oldest laser you own. This is my very first and oldest laser, I built it when I was in high school. The year ..... 1969. The laser tube is all that is left of the laser, the power supply is long gone. The skeleton tube is just how it came in the mail. It is a whopping .5mw...

    New life for old Kryton smoothie

    Help me breathe new life into this old Kryton smoothie. Your ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to tap this vast pool of laser knowledge to come up with a plan. :>)

    DLP projectors laser diodes extracted red and green?

    My question is where are the red and green diodes going from the harvested DLP projectors. Are they going to waste or can they be used for light sources like flashlights, wall washes and such.

    WTB FlexModP3

    Anyone out there got an extra FlexModP3 they could sell me??? 445nm lab laser build with massive Frankenheatsink.