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  1. Kevlar

    World's First Laser Nose Hair Trimmer!!!

    Disclaimer: Please do not try and burn your nose hairs off with a laser!! :na: OK, so I had one of those rotary type nose hair trimmers that had been laying around for ever because of cutting the hair it ripped out!!! :mad: It looked similar to this: I also had a cheap 5mW red module I...
  2. Kevlar

    Four Motor Spirograph

    I've seen a lot of spirograph builds, and quite honestly, better than mine but I decided to post anyhow. Hopefully it will help some people in regards to these builds. First I'd like to say I built this as cheap as I could, and it's certainly not the smallest. I decided to make it 4 motors...
  3. Kevlar

    My Pocket Mini Collection is Growing.

    A few months ago I posted about my 445nm mini build: mini-445nm-build-pics I've finally had a chance to build a couple more. :D Some pics to start: I didn't take any pics of the build in progress because Jayrob has those in his FS/tutorial thread. A BIG thank you to Jayrob, he...
  4. Kevlar

    HELP with power supply for spyrograph

    Well I finally finished my 4 motor laser spyrograph build. Here are some pics: I used 4 DC motors 1.5V-3.0V, 4x25 Ohm rheostat pots, 4xDPDT switches (3A rated), and a 50mW green module (2.9V-3.0V) So I thought I could use this DC adapter to power it: It provides 1A and I can select how...
  5. Kevlar

    What are your favorite Iphone/Android games?

    I recently upgraded to a Droid X and love it! :D I use Verizon and was going to get the Iphone but I decided on the Droid X instead. I love how so many apps for this thing are free. First I got hooked on Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. I'm anxiously waiting for more updates and levels...
  6. Kevlar

    Mini 445nm build with pics

    Well since I sold all my lasers recently I was feeling kinda lonely. I had a flexdrive, 445nm diode, host and heatsink sitting around so I decided to put one together. I bought this host months ago. I think it's the same host jayrob uses for his pocket mini. ;) DealExtreme: $12.83 Ultrafire...
  7. Kevlar

    HELP!!! My computer won't turn on!!

    Ok. I've had a PSU fail on me before, so I got a new one, hooked it up and everything was fine for about 2 years. Then the other day I turned my system off and now it will not turn back on!!! So I thought, probably another bad PSU, so I ordered another, hooked everything up and... nothing...
  8. Kevlar

    My new Toy!! Lathe question

    So my Uncle has this beauty just sitting idle in his shop, I can't believe he never told me!!!! I'm going to spending quite a lot of time at his shop now. :D It's a SouthBend. Question: What size bit should I use to fit an AixiZ module in a heatsink? I tried a 15/32 and it came out a tad...
  9. Kevlar

    Quality FS mirrors + Optics (GONE!!)

    I have some stuff I salvaged out of a big commercial copier/scanner. I have no need for these so if anyone needs them just cover the postage and I'll send them to you!!! There are several very nice FS mirrors. (2) L=29.6cm, W=3.6cm, Thickness=5mm (1 with one side beveled, both have a smaller...
  10. Kevlar

    FS: Optotronics 532nm 150mW laser

    I've decided to sell the three lasers in my (small) collection and a few other things. I'm certainly not getting out of the game, just need some cash right now. I've never sold anything here on LPF. For that reason, I decided to use a MM (Dave--Daguin). He checked out the condition of the...
  11. Kevlar

    Tools Explained

    Having done a few of these myself and witnessing some happen, I found it rather humorous and thought I'd share, enjoy!!! DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the...
  12. Kevlar

    Wiring 4 Motor Spyro Help

    So I'm building a 4 motor laser Spirograph. I'm using four 1.5V - 3.0V DC motors, four 25 Ohm Rheostat Pots, and four DPDT switches. I originally had it all wired up without the switches but had a couple of issues. 1. It would drain the batteries really fast with 1 or more pots turned to...
  13. Kevlar

    Stone Tek Review

    This is long overdue. I have order from Greg at StoneTek Electronics, Your Laser Parts Store a few times and always get what I paid for. Shipping is extremely fast and well packaged. The diodes I ordered were wrapped in anti-static bags, then put in small, hard plastic containers to protect...
  14. Kevlar

    8X BD Drive for $69.99??

    Hi everyone. I saw this deal on Newegg this morning. It cost as the title says and has free shipping!!! This looked like a good deal to me but I had a question about the manufacturer. It is made by ASUS. Has anyone had any experience with these? I know most people use the Pioneer. Here is...
  15. Kevlar

    Ehgemus does it again!!

    For my first 445nm build I wanted a good custom host so I choose Ehgemus and he does not disappoint!!! It has everything I asked for. The easy-focus adapter is set up so I can screw the aixiz lens nut right into it, no gluing the aixiz focus ring into it. The threads are smooth as can be...
  16. Kevlar

    5mW 405nm ebay $9.89, good deal?

    I just say this on ebay. Its $9.89 with shipping. Does anyone think this is a good deal? 5mW 405nm Violet Purple Blue-Ray Blue Laser Pointer Pen - eBay (item 150438161737 end time May-28-10 02:24:45 PDT)
  17. Kevlar

    My first build

    I want to share the progress on my first build to both get the opinions of the veterans of the LPF and to give some tips I’ve learned. Everything I have learned is directly from reading LPF. I have no training in electronics or soldering. In fact, the most soldering I have ever done was over...
  18. Kevlar

    Help with my first build

    I’ve been reading this forum for some time now and was hoping to get some of the veterans expertise. I’ve read the Tutorials, Help & Repairs forum many time and it’s a huge help but I was hoping for some more tutelage on my first build. So far I’ve purchased a rckstr driver (after reading more...
  19. Kevlar

    Glad to be here!

    Hi everyone. It's a pleasure to be a part of the Laser Pointer Forums. I started reading from this forum about a week ago and have logged dozens of hours on here soaking in as much info as possible. I'm really new to the laser word but love it!!! After reading comments of the best place to...