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  1. oic0

    Living Cell Laser

    I must stop making fun of laser beam eyes on super heroes. BBC News - Laser is produced by a living cell
  2. oic0

    Damnit, Another One Down

    What lens do they use? is it an aixiz? they are cheap and easy to replace.
  3. oic0

    Spyder III Arctic or 1w 445 laser from Dinodirect

    Brightness does not relate to damage. An invisible or barely visible laser will happily toast your retina.
  4. oic0

    power threshold for lateral visible beam

    Down here in the often humid Louisiana, I can see a 20mw 405nm at night :D No fog or anything and some ambient light. It looks like a grey streak.
  5. oic0

    How do YOU see 405nm?

    If you have glasses, try taking them off. A lot of glasses get a UV filter coating on them. It can obstruct your view of a 405 laser. 405 is pretty dim though, its at the far edge of what our eyes easily perceive.
  6. oic0

    Best for burning

    Going to run in to a small issue with the glass being... well... reflective. Going to need some better than cheapy glasses to protect from that and going to need to be in a room with no chance of people during the procedure. Basically you are going to spend about 200+ to burn a string. You could...
  7. oic0

    Weird Effect around dot

    Ive never noticed it around mine but I never use it without goggles so maybe I miss it?
  8. oic0

    For those with multiple 445's........ ??

    Sacrilegious I know, but I dont eve know the exact MW of my build. :whistle: That one makes people around here fume lol. Anyhow, compared to my Arctic. You can only tell the difference in the right environment. In dark night with your eyes adjusted against a black sky, the home built is...
  9. oic0

    Just used my 1.6W 445nm for self-defense.

    In the US you are going to get sued for blinding him. You can go ahead and blind them though and then bash his skull with a lead pipe, make sure he's good and dead, then youll get off scott free. :horse:
  10. oic0

    How to proof that your 1.5W does not meet the spec if you don't have a LPM

    I wonder if it would be possible to do something like focus the beam out to a VERY specific width at its widest point and then use an IR thermometer to measure how many degrees above room temperature it is able to heat said object. Perhaps a quarter sharpied black? If you are wanting to go by...
  11. oic0

    Need a Laser to kill Spiders (!!)

    Luckily we dont have those centipedes or huntsman spiders here. We do have these though. YouTube - Female Wolf Spider With Babies On Her Back . Wolf spiders are wicked fast and can walk on water. Little jesus spiders. I remember walking out in to a flooded area to help my friend pull his quad...
  12. oic0

    Motorcycle mounted safety lasers

    Playing the same game, I have an old air cooled RD350 (two stroke street bike). Ported, 34mm carbs, bigger reeds from a banshee, some custom pipes, increased compression, light weight total loss ignition system, welded crank, etc... (blew it up, have the parts to fix it, just haven't) :D fun lil...
  13. oic0

    Is there any HANDHELD LASER thats a 2W? (405nm-473nm)

    Welding is a LOT brighter. If somone is welding in broad daylight that sucker will still make you see spots from 20 or 30 ft away. A powerful arc welder is a major light producer. A 445 can be hard to find in daylight at 20 or 30 ft away. Yes the dot is there and visible but it doesn't look...
  14. oic0

    will a 1W 445 steralize ?

    I meant a 445 with a line generator ;) Could spread out the deadly area while still having it focused.
  15. oic0

    will a 1W 445 steralize ?

    I wonder about a line generator like that 1000w yag cleaning laser.
  16. oic0

    Laser Goggles Slightly Exaggerated?

    What we are trying to say is just because its pretty and just because you want to look at it, you can't "wish" it in to being safe. Just like I wish I could healthily live on pizza, bacon, beer, and fast food. Damaging your vision is your own right as a free human being. You are free to do so.
  17. oic0

    laser pen idea

    eh, maybe $150-200 to put it together. Its not that bad.
  18. oic0

    laser pen idea

    There are people on this forum who can probably do it. Probably eghemus. The prices for aluminum hosts are really great! surprisingly great!. I don't know if he can work with copper or how much it would affect the price.
  19. oic0

    Laser Goggles Slightly Exaggerated?

    Its an over time thing. I do not use my goggles when outdoors, but I would if I were viewing the dot. Also, the sun through a magnifying glass IS bad for your eyes. I got a new 8.5x11 fresnel and played with it for 10 of 15 minutes one noon day. I didn't think about it at the time since I...
  20. oic0

    nothing important

    Just remember, burning is probably the activity that requires safety goggles the most. Without em you can't even see to properly focus the beam, not to mention after a while you won't be able to see anything at all as it burns out your eyes, so factor goggles in to the price.