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  1. barthchris

    NUB07 465nm. Gonna love this one fellas!

    So I waited in anticipation for my 465nm diode to arrive from DTR. Pressed it into a heatsink and used a PS to test. Divergence with Gball is absolutely unacceptable so I decided to remove the can the" proper way" with a vice and pliers. Anyway I did a real bone headed move and somehow...
  2. barthchris

    Optical coating question

    I have a pile of unidentified lenses. Some are for red, some blue. Optical coating reflection varies . Some clear, some have a yellowish tint when viewed at an angle, some have a red hue(obviously those are for blueish wavelengths). What gives on the clear, crap or no coating?
  3. barthchris

    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Long-time no see fellas! Getting back in the light amplifier hobby after some time off. I used DTRs excellent service to obtain a num44 V2 and a blackbuck 5.5A driver. I had it working but was testing with two 18650s outside a host and made the rookie mistake of connecting power in reverse...
  4. barthchris

    50w Osram 450nm diode module!

    I have not kept up with lasers for the last couple of months. I did a quick scan over the threads and did not see this discussed my apologies if so. Anyway I just stumbled upon this. Link below. Don't know if this new module is a good or bad thing for us. Im leaning towards the bad side because...