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    Anyone interested in a 40 watt CNC by FullSpectrum Laser

    I am interested in the laser system and would like you to post some pics. How long have you had it? About how many hours are on the CO2 laser tube? What is the software being used and is it included? I am located in the Midwest near Chicago.

    Memory Lane (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks for the memories. Great post. A pictorial history of LPF.

    3.1 Watt MX900 445nm Build/Rick Trent Heatsink Review

    Got the same build and I also really like the massive copper heatsink too. But I must say it makes the pointer a little nose heavy. Just the price you have to pay for good thermal heat sinking I guess.

    Windows 10 , Have you?

    Now on Win 10 from 7 Pro and it took almost 2 hours for Windows (Microsoft) to complete the upgrade. I ended up with the "black screen of death" for a while. Grabbed the tablet and Googled Win 10 upgrade issues and found some helpful post from other "bsod" people and got it going. After the...

    LUMIA- one thread for all-

    Nice work!!! Got to love the look of lumia. Pink Floyd Pulse 2 CD goes real good to Lumia. Have fun. PEACE

    Sinner's Custom Flashlights - Cypreus-Tri-EDC & Ti-EDC Titanium flashlight host

    Re: Sinner's Custom Flashlights - Cypreus-Tri-EDC & Ti-EDC Titanium flashlight host W@y CQQL Sinner....... Love the Ti flashlight host. Now, if I could only find some funds somewhere :>(

    CPU heatsink for 100W LED panel?

    I am in the process of building 2 LED aquarium lights for my planted tank. Each will have 30 LEDs (3 watters) Royal Blue, Warm White, Cool White, Violet UV and Deep Red mix. They are mounted on 2 6x20 inch heatsinks with 3 channel dimmable MeanWell drivers and a couple of Moonlight LEDs for...

    CPU heatsink for 100W LED panel?

    Are you building a aquarium / reef light or a planted tank light?

    New version 2.1 Opus BT-C3100 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY @ $ 45, shipped via China Post

    Re: New version 2.1 Opus BT-C3100 "Dreamcharger" GROUP BUY @ $ 45, shipped via China I also was on the first GB and my charger took about 3 1/2 week to arrive, but I did get it. Nice charger for the money, but the wait was a little long. Sad to hear of people's stuff getting seized. :>(

    FEELER: Plasma Speaker Kits

    Love this project....... :>) Looks like it is almost ready!!! Is their still time to get in on the kit?

    Mrcrouse's Custom Hosts - Picture Heavy

    Wow!!!! So tempting......... I must resist, funds are low att. :>)

    Oh, what have I found...

    Welcome to LPF :>) Have fun and get ready for an information overload.

    FS - The Cypreus-IIb 1x18650/2x18350 - "EasyBuild" Copper Host by Sinner

    Re: FS - The Cypreus-IIb 1x18650/2x18350 - "EasyBuild" Copper Host by Sinner Man oh man those are shiny...... Great work sinner you continuously amaze me.

    Angel breath:7.6W+ dual NBD7A75 fan cooled portable.(Pic heavy)

    Man what a powerhouse!!! Sweet build and excellent picture story, be careful not to burn down the house. :>) Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNnAvTTaJjM

    Experimental: Remote solid state lighting

    I 'm wondering what the efficiency would be on such a setup. I am curious to see if the GITD material would extend the battery life and also provide useful light.

    FS: The Cypreus IIIB - Al-Cu Host-2x26650 - 20Amp Switch

    Re: Pre-Sale: The Cypreus IIIB - Al-Cu Host - 2x26650 - 20Amp Switch Great looking host sinner!!!! Copper does get a little heavy. You should make a flashlight module for the Cypreus IIIB - Al-Cu Host. It would make a great flashlight and the dual purpose would make it very useful. I know...

    Experimental: Remote solid state lighting

    Very cool idea djQUAN. I was toying with using a 405nm to charge some glow powder for a night time light source. The glow powder would "store" the light and convert it to, in this case, a green light. You could time multiplex the 405nm source to conserve battery power. A work in progress in...

    Gold foil to maximize diode-heatsink heat transfer?

    Here a fleabay link for those so inclined to experiment. 1 Piece Indium 99 99 Purity Foil 75UM x 62mm x 62mm for Laser CPU Heatsink | eBay

    Hi, computer builder here

    Welcome to LPF :>) You have come to the right place to learn about all kinds of lasers. Get ready for an information overload. Plenty of people here willing to lead a hand or a brain to your build. Have fun and poke around some.

    Silver Solder. 15 Gram Packs

    Be sure to clean your work because ammonium chloride is corrosive!!!! Corrosivity: Extremely corrosive in presence of copper. Corrosive in presence of steel, of stainless steel(304). Slightly corrosive in presence of aluminum, of stainless steel(316). Special Remarks on Reactivity: Incompatible...