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  1. BobMc

    Ace Beam w30

    Hi all, it’s been a bit, wanted to send my well wishes to all. :) Got my eye or a new thrower for my laser and flashlight collection. Was wondering if anybody had bought one and what might be your thoughts. BobMc
  2. BobMc

    Ooch, don’t buy!

    SANWU Guardian 1800mW 462nm Focusable Ice-Blue Laser Pointer (Coppery) I found this link trying to log onto Sanwu's site. Check out their prices. They got to be double what Sanwu charges. Somebody’s trying to get rich off of Sanwu. :tsk: Check out the price on this one! SANWU Challenger II...
  3. BobMc

    Just had to!

    Well, I’ve been behaving myself and haven't spent any money on laser(s) in quite a bit. (Because Sanwu won’t release their RGB) . Yep, I’m blaming it on Sanwu! :crackup: So I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, so when I saw this, I had to break down and pop for one. Got a soft spot...
  4. BobMc

    Driver question?

    I’m looking for a LD driver that has mode fuctions. Strobe and high is what I’m interested in. But any/all LD drivers that had the mode fuctions I’d be interested in. If those are not to be had. Was wondering if anybody might know of any LED drivers that might not be to hard on the diode(s). I’m...
  5. BobMc

    This is pretty weird.

    Found this post and thought it was pretty interesting, voices from lasers. Not yet, but their talking in a couple of years. Imagine the possibilities. The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air - Defense One
  6. BobMc

    4.2watt 650nm laser

    Looks like Rick’s got himself a new toy, 4.2 watts of 650nm. The dot doesn’t look all that bad. Like to see this up close. Looks promising. :) https://youtu.be/T45lnxdkK9Y
  7. BobMc

    Billy Graham died today

    Lite a candle :can: It’s a sad day. Regardless of what you thought of his message. He spoke the truths that he knew. Bought much good to the world. My condolences to the family :cryyy: He passed at 99, full of years.
  8. BobMc

    1w 520/2.6w 532/2.8w 520(dual) beam shots

    Well figured this would be the last time I'd be able to play with the all three of these at the same time for a bit. So since the sky's were clear, it's beam shot time again. :) Always wanted to compare the 2.6 532 with my 2.8 520 dual, (through the 1w 520 in just because). :whistle: The 520...
  9. BobMc

    Custom Sanwu Underwater Laser

    I'm in talks with Sanwu about a custom underwater laser. I am being given a choice of wavelengths and power level. Was wondering what the pro's or con's of each might be, concerning this build. Was wondering if anybody had any thoughts. Thanks in advance. :thinking: "~~~The long wavelengths...
  10. BobMc

    2.6 watt 532nm beam shots

    It was a quite night out so I grabbed a couple of beam shot from the 2.6 watt 532nm lab laser I bought off of Hap. It's hard to describe the awesomeness of this beam. So bright and so tight , it lite up the whole backyard! Hope you enjoy the pics. Ps, my new camera does work so much...
  11. BobMc

    One step closer.

    Needing a camera tripod and a laser tripod stand. Being a avid thrift store shopper. I picked up a telescope tripod and a camera tripod and combined the two. With a total of about $20.00 dollars invested, think things went quite well. Would like to add one of the multiple mic/laser adapters so I...
  12. BobMc

    Was wondering?

    I'm not much of a computer person but I was wondering, how much it might cost and how much work it would involve, for LPF to have their own Photo Sharing app/site. I've had, as have many other, their pictures deleted from their posts by Photobucket. I'm planning, little by little to try and...
  13. BobMc

    Question's concerning Jetlasers Yamataka series.

    Hello; I am considering purchasing one of their Yamataka Series Stun Gun & Led Light & Laser Dazzler. But have a couple of questions concerning the options they offer? They offer two different WL"s, a 532nm and a 520nm, at various power levels. Was curious concerning using them in...
  14. BobMc

    Canon has their own photo sharing site

    A quick heads up, to those that have Canon Camera's. They have their own photo sharing site. Don't have to worry about a repeat of the Photobucket fiasco. Just bought a new camera and with it comes access to their site. Nice. It's not the best camera, but hopefully it will give me better...
  15. BobMc

    Photobucket just deleted;

    Sorry guys; But Photobucket just went through and deleted all my photos, from every post! Don't know what to do? :yabbmad: Too many to go back through all my posts with pictures in them and re-post. So I'll send EP a message and see? They say they wont re-post them, unless I sign up for a...
  16. BobMc

    Over a 1 Watt Sanwu Pocket

    Just got this 445 Sanwu Pocket in. They generally come in at 500mw's but I asked them to push what could be pushed. They said they could probably get 800-900mw's out of one. So I said "I'm your huckleberry" go for it and let's see what happens. Well they did above and beyond the call of duty...
  17. BobMc

    N450 Build, second times a charm.

    After my first crash and burn on making a N450 build. Waited for the wounds to heal, and had to take another crack at it. Well this time I got Photons, and lots of them. I'm using a3 element lens and the dot is surprisingly small. Think this diode is a winner! There were a couple of thing new...
  18. BobMc

    10280 battery charger review

    Hi, I got a request to do a review on a 10280 battery charger I had made for me by a member. It's a custom build made from a button cell charger. The lights on the front blink blue as it's charging, than turn green when the battery fully charged. Like the way the builder used two small magnets...
  19. BobMc

    $3.74 Laser Tri-Pod Review

    First of all I have to say they raised the price from $3.74 and free shipping to $4.04 and free shipping. That being said, on with the review; Adjustable Desktop Desk Table Top Tripod Microphone Mic Stand Holder With Clip | eBay Ordered 10 of these Microphone Mic Stands from Ebay because they...
  20. BobMc

    3 on their way.

    After talking to Sanwu about pushing a 445nm Pocket up to 800-900mw's, I just had to get one of these powerhouse's. Just gotta see that much power in a Pocket. :D Also ordered a Red Guardian 445nm 2 watt. Sanwu said they could push it up to 2.5 watts, so I had to push the photons that could be...