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  1. imallett

    Sanity Check on Proposed Low-Power Cyan Diode Laser Build

    Hi, I would like a cyan (465–495nm-ish) laser for casual use (i.e., actually pointing with it in public settings where people won't be wearing safety googles)—necessitating an output power of 5mW. Whereas, the (few) cyan laser products that exist are either expensive (example: Laserglow...
  2. imallett

    On Getting Good Results From Diffraction-Grating DIY Spectrometers

    See the sticky. I'd like to report some results I got using this method: Nominal 405nm → measured 404.70nm Nominal 445–450nm → measured 448.00nm Nominal 515nm → measured 516.63nm Nominal 532nm → measured 531.99nm Nominal 635–638nm → measured 638.11nm Nominal 650–660nm →...
  3. imallett

    Hello from the world of computer graphics!

    Hi, My name is Ian. I'm a computer science / optics Ph.D student. My main work is on figuring out how to take geometric descriptions of things and turn them into photorealistic pictures. Most people use approximations to do this, but I've found that being a little more careful with accurately...
  4. imallett

    How to solve questions of the form "Is (*)mW at (*)nm brighter than (*)mW at (*)nm?"

    How to solve questions of the form "Is (*)mW at (*)nm brighter than (*)mW at (*)nm?" Hi, I've seen a lot of questions of the form: "Is (*)mW at (*)nm brighter than (*)mW at (*)nm?" (ex 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.). The first thing to know about is the luminosity function, which basically says how...