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  1. bandlasing

    Wicked lasers crossguard

    http://www.wickedlasers.com/crossguard Anyone else seen this crazy idea yet... yeah lets make the laser even more dangerous by sending two beams on both sides of you as well. That way you can blind your buddy's standing on the side of you as well. Absolutely insane lol. Wicked you have out...
  2. bandlasing

    Super score

    I just won an Ophir 20C-A-1-Y P/n 1706111 on E to the bay brand new in the package for 130.00 USD. Talk about a killer deal on a brand new ophir head. SO STOKED
  3. bandlasing

    Best MODS for vaping

    MY wife and I want to quit smoking. So I am wanting to try vaping to taper down with. Can anyone tell what are the best MODS? I have tried some of the cheaper ones and they just put the vape fluid in my mouth it was horrible. Thanks
  4. bandlasing

    Buck driver at 5.5amps

    Can anyone point me to a buck type driver that can produce upto 5.5amps? I did some searching and all I came across is boost drivers that go that high. So if some one can point me in the right direction that would be awesome thanks.
  5. bandlasing

    laser host for pl520

    $15.29 Convoy S4 DIY EDC LED Flashlight Host - emitter and driver sold separately at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping I did a search on this using the LPF search bar and nothing. Has anyone used this host before? If so, who can make me a heat sink for it? Thanks everyone Jonny Bandlazing
  6. bandlasing

    what does the photo diode do?

    Just came across this online. I am wondering what the photo diode above the beam splitter does? Sorry if this has been asked before I searched and could not find a suitable answer. Thanks http://www.wickedlasers.com/image/wicked/wldiff/diagram_01.gif
  7. bandlasing

    My Introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan Bandazian. I haven't had time to properly introduce myself yet. I am Bandlasing, I have been into the hobby for a few years now and stumbled upon this site a few months ago. Since then I must say there has not been a question unanswered (thanks to the LPF...
  8. bandlasing

    LPM las vegas nv

    Hello Is there anyone in las vegas nv or pahrump nv that has an LPM that could test the output of some of my lasers? Currently waiting for radiants new LMP to come out.
  9. bandlasing

    CNI 800mw 532nm portable w/ adjustable focus quote

    Hello everyone This is my first post on this forum. But I have a quick question I just got a quote from CNI for the portable 800mw 532nm with adjustable focus instead of the fixed focus. They quoted me 600usd and 80 for the shipping does this sound like a fair price from them? Thanks