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  1. Exerd

    3.5W P / 2.5W CW 638nm HL63520HD

    Searched forum, no mention of this diode yet--which surprised me. It is not a triple beam, rather a double diode/beam multi-mode in 9mm package made by Ushio. Here is the spec sheet PDF link from Ushio: HL63520HD.pdf Enjoy :)
  2. Exerd

    405nm Dot, Interference pattern?

    I was using my glasses to observe the dot output of my 12X 405nm laser I made a few years ago. I noticed an interference pattern of bullseye rings within the dot at about 2 meters. At one point, I may have changed the lens. I can't remember fully if I pulled the G1 lens, but I'm thinking that...
  3. Exerd

    Long-FL 2W 445nm Build

    This is for a 5.6mm pressed diode, 445nm ~2W (2.5A) multi-mode build; I have typically used a lot of the common lenses that float around here for 9x0.5mm threaded laser optic barrels, G1, Aixiz, etc. I am planning on building a high-output 2W 445nm diode-laser in a larger 2x26650 host I found...
  4. Exerd

    Large, quality, AR Lenses?

    Hi fellow LPF members, I have been faced with a small challenge lately. That is, finding a large positive FL lens, of aspherical type, that is 88mm total OD (about 80mm minus its mounting flange), and back plane surface focal point of anywhere between 53-62mm. 60mm back focal point would be...
  5. Exerd

    Testing a High-Output Driver PCB

    I have a 2" diameter PCB driver with a very large coil on it and 4 output leads. It is actually intended to drive 12 LEDs (pulled from flashlight). Now, I would like to test this driver for its maximum output on the Vf side. The old technique was a series of 4001 diodes from RShack, with a...
  6. Exerd

    Using factory 12x sleds for beam combining?

    I have some of the SF-512 sleds with 12X 405nm and 650nm(?) diodes. It looks like these sleds use knife edging to combine the beams into one output beam. Is this a true knife edge design for combining beams, or do hobbyists use a more efficient design? I'm just wondering if if is at all...
  7. Exerd

    20awg power wire suppliers?

    I am trying to get some 20awg power wire. What I want to get is a orange and black pair that is twisted (1 orange 1 black), or buy the two colors separate and twist them myself. I guess I would need something stiff enough to stay twisted, but still being a little flexible. The stuff used for r/c...
  8. Exerd

    1W 473nm for $253.56

    I figured I should ask here first, since I really have no clue what I am looking at here. Laser advertised is 1W 473nm for $253.56 at Tmart. 1000mW 1W 473nm High-power Blue Laser Pointer Pen Gray - Tmart.com Is this laser possibly a 445nm that is being advertised incorrectly? Or are 473nm...
  9. Exerd

    Shark Buck 2-amp driver, Thumbs Up

    I had made mention of the Shark Buck 2A driver a while back when people were looking for high amperage drivers to power A140 diodes. I just wanted to say that I have had a chance to use this driver now for some time and it has become one of my favorite drivers. I currently have the 2A version...
  10. Exerd

    Unknown chip on diode

    I was examining an 808nm diode from a very old laser tonight, and I noticed a small chip onboard which I had not seen before on a diode. I thought that it might be a capacitor, or maybe even a photocell for feedback. Hoping for someone to confirm. :yh:
  11. Exerd

    50mW Pen Comparison, O-Like vs Rayfoss

    Two 50mW pen size 2xAAA 532nm pointers were ordered on the same day for a comparison. I was looking for a new 50mW pen source, and decided to try two of the more popular store names, Rayfoss and O-Like. Links and pricing to the respective lasers: O-Like 50mW Silver Chrome, $33 shipped Rayfoss...
  12. Exerd

    Nd:YAG versus Nd:YVO4

    Can someone explain when I would want to use Nd:YAG instead of YVO4? I notice that the YAG seems to be used in the very high output green lasers. The YAG rods are also cheaper it appears, but I'm not sure how to predict the size rod needed for various pumping power amounts. I am still...
  13. Exerd

    The Mach Zehnder Interferometer

    This light experiment never ceases to amaze me. I thought others would find it interesting. The experiment is an example of how light in the quantum particle state seems to sometimes travel in two different paths when only a single photon is sent. It is as if a mirror, non-existent particle...
  14. Exerd

    4th of July Pyrotechics

    Anybody make their own fireworks/pyrotechnics? In a few days I am going to mix up some 2" cylindrical canister shots to shoot from the mortar. I'll probably just use a nice flash composition to give you something to feel. I might launch a few way up there which are stabilized like a rocket. I...
  15. Exerd

    Purchasing crystal sets

    Where is a good place to find bonded crystal sets from? I would like to replace the small ones found in 5mW pens with larger sets.
  16. Exerd

    WTB: 100mW 532nm Pen

    Looking for a ~100mW 532nm pen. Possibly a few. Like-new condition please.
  17. Exerd

    Large 532nm laser project

    I would someday like to take on the project of building of building a powerful 532nm laser. By powerful, I mean closer to 1.5W of 532nm output. It would be a bench/lab laser. I could spend roughly $1000 on the laser. Less would be better. I have seen many forms of mounting possibilities for...
  18. Exerd

    FS: Laserbee I Deluxe

    For sale is my Laserbee I Deluxe model. Price is $260 shipped anywhere in the U.S. This is about $70 less than the new cost. This is like-new condition. Includes USB port and PC graphing software. Measures up to 1050mW, in 1mW increments. Has an LCD backlight that can be turned on or off.
  19. Exerd

    Diode Removal from Module

    Any methods? I was just going to cut the module in half with a dremel to get the diode out. I'm not so sure there's a safer way to remove a pressed diode from an Aixiz module.
  20. Exerd

    Shaping the 445nm Beam

    I am very interested in shaping the output of the 445nm diode to something more useful. I would be willing to try different lens configurations to see what can be done about the problem. Please let this thread document any ideas or projects for shaping the 445nm beam that arise. List any ideas...