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  1. lasingfox

    Giannis_TDM's Drivers

    i recently bought some drivers from Giannis_TDM and just wanted to spread the good word since they were actually affordable and quality. i got the gboost along with a 505nm diode which i got scammed for.. he gave me a lame rarer 508nm one instead... fucker.. this thing is also so tiny, its...
  2. lasingfox

    Largest Commercial (happy kaiser?) Helium Neon laser in the world (SP125A)

    sooooooo, I picked this behemoth up for free nearby and I thought i'd share its journey. It originally came from the university of california and survived the trip in the back of a truck all the way to massachusetts!! some guy was moving out and thought it deserved a good home and I offered to...
  3. lasingfox

    Absolutely Beautiful Laser Rainbow with Krypton Argon

    not much to say. enjoy the pics! :) here's sort of a failed attempt but it still looks cool. I also tried the effect with a regular multiline argon.
  4. lasingfox

    Helium Neon Laser Pointer

    hey hey, I recently built a HeNe pointer out of this cool old pointer from the 90s. The case was chonky enough to fit a HeNe so I decided to cram everything in there and hope it all works. Also doubles as a taser since the anode is poking out the tip. might need a ground wire but hey, can't do...
  5. lasingfox

    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    hey hey, I recently picked up a tunable HeNe from a friend and I just wanted to share. Currently, it doesn't lase, and has all sorts of problems, but, I am working on fixing it. I'll updated this if I get any coherent photons out of it :) I'm hoping to get 594nm, 604nm, 612nm and 632.8nm...
  6. lasingfox

    Inside a butterfly package

    I recently busted an IR butterfly doohickey and I thought I might as well tear it open. Kinda neat inside. I mounted a piece of acrylic to the top so I can have a cool viewing window. :)
  7. lasingfox

    Krypton Argon Ion Laser

    gas lasers are the best things ever. :love: This is my krypton argon named Tofu. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves If you're wondering how I got that super rich yellow, I used the HR from a regular argon to block the blues and all I get is 568nm and 647nm which make that really nice...
  8. lasingfox

    1994 670nm Pointer

    hey hey, I recently scored this super old laser pointer on ebay and I kinda want to show it off. It's super clunky and 670nm is very deep and nice to look at. i have a picture comparing it to 632.8, 650 and then 670 on the right. The camera makes it look more pink but in person its just very...
  9. lasingfox

    (Buying) Fan or blower attachment for 643 series ion laser

    Hello, My Omni 643 krypton argon laser didn't come with any cooling system or way to hook one up. Currently I'm using a bunch of fans and a cardboard box to cool it sufficiently but I would like something a bit more convenient if anyone has one they could rip out of a dead laser or just doesn't...