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    Photoreactive fluids

    Hello! I'm working on some laser/led sculptures somewhat reminiscent of these works by artist Norman Ballard (it actually won't let me post the link because my post count is too low but I will try to post it in the comments: I'm looking for a way to get the fluid to be photoreactive with...
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    Liquid Sky with 150mw

    Ok, so somewhat related to my first post about my eye anxiety, I got ordered this 150mw 405nm line lens laser to use as a liquid sky effect over dance floors. I realize I probably should have gotten a lower powered laser and made a scanner, but I figured this looked like a relatively easy way to...
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    Hey guys, Made my first post today about some safety/health and got some comforting/helpful responses from users already. I realize this is not a place to receive medical advice but in conjunction with the medical advice I already received from a doctor, these posts put my mind to rest...
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    Possible Diffused Light Damage?

    Hey all, I know this is probably one of the most common and most annoying posts you see, but I would be endlessly appreciative of any guidance you can offer. I recently purchased a 200mw (rated 150mw after lens attenuation) 60 degree line laser. I hadn't received my safety goggles yet and...