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  1. lazer

    Circuit Help

    I'm trying to build the circuit attached. I'm having a little bit of trouble with the amp side (red outlined section) though and finding the correct ICs. I looked on Digikey and Mouser but am not sure which to get. The diagram says that I need the TL062. However when I search for that I get...
  2. lazer

    Flux Recommendation?

    I bought some flux on the forums here awhile ago and it worked great but now I am out. The syringe didn't have a name on it or anything so I don't know what company made it. It worked really well with surface mount soldering and non-surface mount. It was a no-clean kind. Do you guys have any...
  3. lazer

    How to tell diodes apart?

    I put a few diodes in axiz modules and mistakenly never labeled them. Now I have a bunch of axiz modules and I don't know what diodes are in them. Is there anyway to test them to find out which diodes are in which without burning them out? I know they are either phr diodes or red diodes...
  4. lazer

    Using a Husky 9 Led Flashlight as a host?

    I have a couple of 9 led flashlights that look like this: They say husky on the side but you can't see it in that picture. Are these suitable hosts for axiz modules? Does anyone make heatsinks for them on the forums? I think I saw a thread where someone was selling them in kits with...
  5. lazer

    Need schematic for 250vac to 9vdc

    Does anyone have a schematic for a power supply capable of dropping 25vac to 9dc at 1amp? I'm not the best at making schematics so if someone could make one, that would be great.:thanks:
  6. lazer

    Sound controlled laser spirograph?

    Anyone know how to build a sound controlled spiro? I want to make a white fusion laser spiro sound controlled so that the patterns change based on sounds around it. Where would I start?
  7. lazer

    Need a Pulsed Driver Schematic

    I want to build a pulsed driver that could power a 405 nm diodes like a 6x, 8x, or a 12x diode. Does anyone know of a wiring schematic for a pulsed driver that could power blu ray didoes?
  8. lazer

    Ipod video 30gb (not laser related)

    I'm sekking my ipod video 30gb. It's white and in good condition. There are some light scratches on the back silver plate but they aren't very noticeable when you put the ipod in the protective case. I am including a transparent plastic protective case along with the USB cable and of course...
  9. lazer

    Wanted: White Fusion kit

    I really need a white fusion kit. It's a for a school art project. I need the kit to have the laser diodes already aligned. They don't have to have power leads on them but they do have to be aligned. Sightfx said he would probably add about $100 onto the cost of the kit to calibrate the...
  10. lazer

    Help me identify this hene laser

    I have this HeNe laser. The gas tube is about the size of a dollar. It says it's made by uniphase. Any idea of the specs of it? I searched around on google but couldn't find anything that looked like it.
  11. lazer

    Need some help building a spirograph

    I plan to build a spirograph projector using rog's 7 color laser kit. I think I want it to be computer controlled flexmod and a DAC. I'm not exactly sure what a DAC is but I know it is necessary it. Where can I get the flexmods and how many do I need? I also need to know where to get a DAC...
  12. lazer

    Parallel vs bootcamp

    I have an imac running mac os X snow leopard. I want to put windows 7 on it but I want to know which windows 7 runs better in, parallel or bootcamp. I like the idea of parallel because if windows crashes, it won't take mac os X with it. I have had that happen to a computer at work when I had...
  13. lazer

    Selling my Gameboy Advance SP

    I'm selling my game boy advance SP. I only played it a couple times so it looks brand new. It comes with a couple games including: Dexter's Laboratory (If I can find it) A series of unfortunate events Pokemon emerald version Pokemon firered version Super Hornet Each game has a plastic...
  14. lazer

    Posting smilies

    How do you guys post the cool looking smilies like the ones with santa hats. I can't figure it out. I only know how to post the boring ordinary ones.
  15. lazer

    Why won't my profile picture show up on my posts?

    I just tried to give myself a profile picture but the picture only shows up in my profile, it won't show up on my posts. Is there something else I am supposed to do other than just upload the picture?
  16. lazer

    Wanted: v5 flexdrive

    I need a v5 flexdrive, I need it shipped right away too. I have paypal ready. Let me know if you have one.
  17. lazer

    What's your favorite multimeter?

    Which multimeter do you like the most? I'm looking for one and need some recommendations for a meter with continuity.
  18. lazer

    Is this a good deal for an 8X blu ray burner..$130?

    I found this blu ray burner on newegg, its $130. It says its an 8X burner. Is 130 a good price? Newegg.com - LG Black 8X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 6X BD-ROM 2MB Cache 8X Blu-ray Burner - Bulk Model WH08LS20K - Blu-Ray Burners
  19. lazer

    What's the Best computer that can be built for $700?

    My computer finally died so it's time to build a new one. I have $700 to spend building a new one. Some of the specs I want it to have are at least a 2.0ghz quad core processor, at least 8gb ram, about 150gb of hard drive space and a good graphics card capable of playing 3d games. I don't...
  20. lazer

    My internet quit working

    I am running windows XP. I was downloading a movie from itunes and about 3/4 through the download the internet quit working. In the status window of the local area connection it shows no packets being received or sent. I tried repairing the connection and it just says "Failed to query TCP/IP...