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  1. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    PL-E Mini fell from table

    So, my PL-E Mini fell from my table, which is about 75cm/2.5ft tall. Now, the front piece is very slightly loose from the battery tube, it can move by a pretty much invisible amount when twisted with some force, but it is enough to be felt and heard. Is there anything I can do? I already emailed...
  2. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    16340 fell in food

    So, one of my 16340s fell out of my charger, into a pot of pav bhaji. I got it out of the pot as fast as I could, and wiped it with alcohol. It's currently sitting in a bowl of rice. I noticed some food covering one of the vent holes. I did something very stupid and blew on it, and it went...
  3. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Pointing a laser in the night sky

    So, I was talking about removing the lens of a laser to make it look like a flashlight, in case some paranoid person sees the beam in the night sky and calls the cops, on Styropyro's Discord server. Three guys were treating me like I was some sort of monster for even pointing the laser at the...
  4. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Blue VS Green Laser Brightness

    So, according to the relative brightness calculator, a 532nm laser is 13.57x brighter then a 450nm laser of the same power. However, if I switch to beam brightness, and turn on mesopic correction, the blue laser's beam is actually 1.31x BRIGHTER then the green laser, when they are both 5mW. At...
  5. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    PLTB450B raw output divergence

    So, I have a Gatling laser, which most likely uses a PLTB450B diode. Its raw output has over 90° of full angle divergence, hitting the host itself by quite a bit if unscrew the lens holder, and even a bit of the heatsink. https://ibb.co/TcpG57d Is this normal? According to some datasheed I found...
  6. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Reason for more powerful diodes having higher divergence.

    Hello, I apologize in advance for the dumb question. So, is the fact that the lens needs to be closer to the diode to capture all the light the reason that more powerful blue diodes with a higher raw divergence have a higher divergence after passing through the lens? According to my...
  7. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Fast and slow axis

    Hello, so, I was finetuning the infinity focus of my Gatling, and I noticed that the axis that starts out wider is actually the less divergent axis, and the initially smaller axis is actually the more divergent axis. Is this normal? I can't wrap my head around why this would happen, I believed...
  8. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Customs in Portugal

    Hello, I am planning to buy a JetLasers PL-E Mini 520nm 1W, but I'm afraid of it getting stuck in customs, and having to pay fees. I live in Portugal. How often does that happen? On the JetLasers website it says "There always no extra customs fees.", but then they say the customer is fully...
  9. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    JetLasers 1W 520nm PL-E Mini LPM test

    Hello, I am thinking of buying a 1W 520nm PL-E Mini, but I'm not sure about the power level. I know it won't be underspec, but I want to know if they are usually overspec (something like 1200mW). Has anyone tested it?
  10. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Sanwu G7 on a Gatling laser

    Hello, would a G7 lens from Sanwu in a 9mm holder work with a blue Gatling laser? I am thinking of buying one as the stock lens is getting dirty and I can't get rid of some of it. Would there be any problems due to it not having holes for a screwdriver, therefore being unable to screw it into...
  11. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    How much of an upgrade is a quality 16340?

    So, I have a blue gatling laser. The included batteries are really bad, and I am thinking of buying quality ones. Just how much of an upgrade would this be, considering that the power output starts to decrease after less than a minute of continuous usage with the included batteries? Could they...
  12. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Sanwu 18350 batteries

    Are the AW 18350 900mAh batteries sold by Sanwu Lasers good quality? Because I remember reading that the 900mAh ones are fake.
  13. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    CPU cooler on laser diode

    So, lately I've been thinking about using my useless Intel stock cooler to cool a laser diode, something like a PLTB450B at 1.25A. My plan is to flatten the diode module on one side, and use thermal adhesive between the flattened side and the cooler. Would this be a good idea? And considering...
  14. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    DTR 20mm Module Heatsinking Capability

    Hello, I am planning to do a C6 PLTB450B @1.8A build. I am curious about the heatsinking capability of DTR's 20mm modules (the ones with an aluminum back half). Do they provide a better duty cycle than Survival Laser's extended and tapered copper heatsinks? This will be my first build, and I...
  15. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Survival Laser S4X duty cycle

    Hello, I have been planning to build a laser for quite some months now, but I ended up spending almost all my money an a mechanical keyboark because my old one broke. For now, I'm planning to do an S4X build probably around November, as my allowance is only 50 cents a day so it takes a...
  16. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Survival Laser C6 Duty Cycle

    Hello, I am planning to do a single mode 450nm build, with a Survival Laser C6 with an aluminum heatsink and a G2 lens, with an Osram PLT5450B with a copper module and a microboost at 275mA from DTR (should be ~300mW). What would the duty cycle be if I apply thermal paste between the module...
  17. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Questions about Osram PLTB450B

    Hi, So, this will be my first build. I am planning to do a Survival Laser Bargain host bundle with an Osram PLTB450B. I want to choose the 530mA driver, so I get used to the power, and later upgrade it to something like 1A. Thing is, i saw DTR's power test and at 0.5A it says it is using...
  18. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Where to buy Microboost drivers?

    Hi, sorry for the n00b question, but could anyone tell me where to buy a Microboost driver and how to set the current to 300mA?
  19. _xXx_MLG_PiNgU_69420_xXx_

    Question about Osram PLP450 diode driver from DTR

    Hi, does anyone know what current is the driver set at here? (the one with a 3-element lens and a driver)