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  1. AX3L

    source for 5mw green lasers with an IR filter

    hi, i'm sorry if there's already a thread asking this, i didn't see it. where can i get a 5mw green laser that does have an IR filter? is there a high beam quality option that's eye safe?
  2. AX3L

    is a widebeam laser burning capable?

    i found a wide beam red laser on ebay but i haven't made 20 posts yet so i can't post a link. the dot diameter is 16mm, and it's 130mw. it's a 660nm laser. if you want to find it, try searching "1pc 3.6-4.2V 660nm 130mW Red Laser Module Dot Thick Beam Bar Stage Light" on ebay.
  3. AX3L

    what LPM is the real deal?

    hi, i'm looking to get into lasers, and for my own safety i'd like to be able to tell how much power a laser is outputting (yes, i have real goggles from survivallasers) how much money would i need to spend for the cheapest possible LPM that isn't fake? i would like within maybe 5mw accuracy...