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  1. rathat

    Any old timers remember the Laserchat IRC room from like '08-'10?

    I haven't been here for a long time, but I used to spend all night on that chat. Does anyone remember me?
  2. rathat

    Been like 7 years since I was last here. What are some good diode sources nowadays

    I haven't been here for a long time! I don't know if any of the old guys are even here anymore. Anyway, looking to put together a 445 laser right now. I have a case and everything for it, but what are some good resources available for diodes, moduals, drivers, things like that.
  3. rathat

    Help finding good rechargeable CR2's for my Endeavor 250.

    I bought this SoShine CHARGER 2x ULTRAFIRE CR2 Lithium 800mAh Battery - eBay (item 230461052428 end time Oct-08-10 14:23:45 PDT) it works great! 2 charge levels so I can charge each battery individually, indicator lights, charges fast. It came with 2 UltraFire CR2s in a case. So If anyone needs...
  4. rathat

    Help finding good rechargeable CR2's for my Endeavor 250.

    Yeah, DealExtreme: $3.70 Rechargeable 3V CR2 800mAh Green 2 Packs those were what I was thinking. were can I get a spacer? Or should I just make one out of foil or something, how come no one makes chargers for cr2s?
  5. rathat

    Help finding good rechargeable CR2's for my Endeavor 250.

    I need help finding good CR2 batteries and charger. This was the only charger I could find DealExtreme: $5.39 CR2 Battery Charger but it seems to charge only batteries at the same level, I cant seem to find a better quality one. And batteries are hard to find, should I get Li-ion ones? and what...
  6. rathat

    Tourism with lasers?

    As long as it's not explosive or a fire hazard you can bring it in your checked luggage. you can even bring weapons, certain ones have to be checked a head of time though.
  7. rathat

    Can i use this on lens threads?

    Every hardware store will have it. For a while I thought this thread was about were post a thread in the 445 section without it getting moved, because read the post, thats exactly what it sounds like lol.
  8. rathat

    Arctic made me do it

    Welcome! It would be awesome to have such a bright laser at burning man, it's unbelievably dark out there in the desert and there's thousands of people there who are right near you to see it!
  9. rathat

    how far ? ? ?

  10. rathat

    Nova Endeavor-275

    Everyone seems to love CNI hosts, My first one from novalasers 2 years ago was over specd, but the paint rubbed off very fast, everything started to twist and come unglued, eventually it broke, I took very good care of it, so I don't know how it happened but nova sent me a new one, this seemed...
  11. rathat

    buying 100mw green laser

    Nova is having a pretty good sale.
  12. rathat

    Wicked Lasers Arctic Dissected

    I'd like to be able to use it in the house without blinding people from the refection, on low power, I could just be careful with it and it's all good.
  13. rathat

    Wicked Lasers Arctic Dissected

    It's really the smartswitch thats the seller for me, I would love to have a low power mode. but which laser are you recommending exactly?
  14. rathat

    Wicked Lasers Arctic Dissected

    I really want one, I don't know if it's worth the price anymore though, should I still get one? I like the look and I really like the smartswitch, but at $340 with shipping, I'm just not sure, what about WL's other lasers, the sonar is a great price now.
  15. rathat

    My 1W laser pistol (prototype)

    You should put an orange thing on the front, to avoid being shot by people who think you are going to shoot, like on airsoft guns.
  16. rathat

    What can I do with a 5mW industrial Ne-He laser?

    I would love to have one, you are lucky you found one for $5 at a garage sale.
  17. rathat

    POLL: What's your favorite laser wavelength?

    oh, I didn't realize you didn't have any gas laser wavelengths up there, well still, its my favorite.
  18. rathat

    To many Ads

    I think the adds need to be moved around, they mess with the whole layout of the page, especially at the top under the logo.
  19. rathat

    445nm ~1W laser built by morgan + 2 NEW VIDEOS!

    Nice vids, be careful with your camera though. Maybe I can photoshop the burns out lol. Alright, fixed the burns.