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  1. Antoine

    Roithner LaserTechnik RLP-808 (808nm & 100mW)

    Hi, I just received my command : Roithner LaserTechnik RLP-808 100mW • Infrared Laser Pointer • 808 nm, 10 mW - 200 mW • Control LED • Safety Keylock • Automatic Power Control • Transport case & Batteries incl. 83,40€ laser + shipping The compagny reply very fast, and send it...
  2. Antoine

    Hi from France !

    Hi everyone, my name is Antoine 🇫🇷 Thank you for your hospitality ! 🤓 I'm new here, and I had registrer to find information about... laser !!! 🔦 How can I make a laser by myself (for my wife) ? What is a quality laser ? Which are the best seller ? How to be sur of the figures (laser power...