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    NUGM04t selling

    Hello! I'm selling 16pcs. NUGM04t (new unused) from overstock. I ask for 75usd/each. BR Phillip
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    Sharp 395nm 300mW Diode GH0393AA2G

    Hello! I´m able to get the new Sharp 300mW 395nm diodes GH0393AA2G for 68€ /each (~80usd) if we buy 10pcs. or more. Is anyone interested? BR Phillip
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    Cyl. lens sets overstock (1:5,5)

    Hi! I do have a huge overstock of our lenses: Round cyl. lens sets, Dia. 9mm, F=-4mm and F=+22mm (factor 1:5,5) - AR coated 400-680nm. These where custom lenses for us, we do have 200 sets on stock. The single Set will be at 25€ each. >10 sets 22€ each. Price excl. VAT (no need to be paid by non...
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    375nm USHIO 200mW HL37013MG Diode

    Hello! I´m able to offer just a bunch new 375nm 200mW Ushio diodes, if there is any interest. Price : 300€ each net. We need to order minimum 4pcs. The maximum qty. now avaiable up to end this year of this diode is ~15pcs. First come, first serve! BR Phillip
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    Sale of : Scanners,DCDC converters, Beamanlyzers, Spectrometers, etc...

    Hello! Attached the listing! The prices are negotiable. If there are any questions, please ask! BR Phillip
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    WTB  405nm LG 6* Burner Diode

    Hello! Need 5-6 pcs. of the LG GGW-20 or how the name for it is. The 6* burner from LG. But I need it extracted for the heatsink, only the nacked diode! Who has that or can do that for me and how much cost it? Shipping to vienna - austria. Greets
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    Small ultrastable brass mirror/dichromounts

    Hello! Have to sell this mounts... Size is 23*21*10mm. 18euro / pc. for 1-10pcs. 10-20pcs. cost 15euro. They are new and unused. Greets
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    LG H20L

    Hello! I want to know about which Diode will be at the LG H20L burner (6x Burner). Which power does it have? To which power I can drive it with good Lifetime? I think to couble some of this, like my old big red project. Greetings, Phil
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    Mitsubishi 642nm 150mW CW Diode

    Hello! Sell my Mitsubishi 642nm 150mW CW Laserdiode build into an Aixiz housing. It works only 5mins for see that it works. With a peltier you can drive the diode to ~200-250mW Greetings, Phil