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  1. rathat

    Any old timers remember the Laserchat IRC room from like '08-'10?

    I haven't been here for a long time, but I used to spend all night on that chat. Does anyone remember me?
  2. rathat

    Been like 7 years since I was last here. What are some good diode sources nowadays

    I haven't been here for a long time! I don't know if any of the old guys are even here anymore. Anyway, looking to put together a 445 laser right now. I have a case and everything for it, but what are some good resources available for diodes, moduals, drivers, things like that.
  3. rathat

    Help finding good rechargeable CR2's for my Endeavor 250.

    I need help finding good CR2 batteries and charger. This was the only charger I could find DealExtreme: $5.39 CR2 Battery Charger but it seems to charge only batteries at the same level, I cant seem to find a better quality one. And batteries are hard to find, should I get Li-ion ones? and what...
  4. rathat

    Lightsaber pointers= awesome case

    ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer this would make an awesome case for a laser if its not to small
  5. rathat

    Laser related desktop wallpapers

    Post some laser related desktop wallpapers, try to have ones all kinds of resolutions for everyone.
  6. rathat

    I would like to buy an argon laser

    Does anyone know what prices they should be? Im not to sure on how much they should be. also, were is as good place to find one, especially one that comes with a working power supply, I have had an interest in argon lasers for a long time, but im just not sure on buying one.
  7. rathat

    NOVA X100 paint is rubbing off.

    Is this a know problem because its really looking like shit now because every time i hold it paint peals off and the metal oxidizes and turns from a gold color to a bronze color. Im sending it to get the button repaired maybe they will do something .
  8. rathat

    IR and UV glass.

    So if glass absorbs high uv and ir and only allows the visible spectrum to pass than would that black plastic in the front of remotes be clear if we could see ir?
  9. rathat

    Home made instant twist on and off switch.

    So you want to make an on and off switch that makes you laser turn on and stay on. well first get one of these. They're those small things that keep wire bundles together but only like 3 inches long. You can get them at radio shack. (sorry about the grainy pics, I'm using a new camera and I...
  10. rathat

    Home made line lens

    Ok, so, If you have a Kodak digital camera , it came with an adapter for a dock or picture printer. this is the same a a line lens, also flat on one side. This is what the line looks like. Now I use mine for a printer but most people don't. Luckily I have one from an old fat digital camera...
  11. rathat

    Buying from CNI

    I was wondering if you can buy things from CNIlasers or if it's just bulk supplies to laser companies and they just show products on the page.
  12. rathat

    Cloud around the point

    Ok, so I have a new laser and when i shine it at the wall, well I don't know how to describe it but a cloud around the dot. From about 4 feet, its its about 1.5 feet in diameter and i was just wondering if lasers do this? I tried to take a pic but my camera can only see the point .
  13. rathat

    How do i take pictures of my laser?

    So I tried to take a picture of my X100 112mw laser but I don't know how to. I can't see the beam well in the pictures. also I see videos of lasers weaker than mine that the beam is seen in them. i can see the beam fine but i don't know how to take a picture of it. What settings should i use? Do...
  14. rathat

    Nova X100 and X105

    Nova X100 and X105 I hear people talking about an x105 laser from nova lasers but I don't see one on the site just an X100. why did they stop making X105?