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    *GB Sunwayman D40A $59.63, Nitecore SRT3, SRT6, SRT 7, $67.49-82.49

    Hey Guys, Right now we've got group buys going for the Nitecore and Sunwayman Flashlights. Sunwayman D40A Flashlight Retail: $79.50 ...... Massdrop: $59.63 Nitecore SRT3 Flashlight Retail: $89.95 ...... Massdrop: $67.49 Nitecore SRT6 Flashlight Retail: $114 ...... Massdrop: $72.49 Nitecore...
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    Massdrop - New Group Buy Platform

    Hey Everyone, My name is Daniel, from Massdrop; a site that allows you to buy as a group to get the best prices on the products you care about. In an effort to make group buys more efficient, secure and economical, we would like to help LPF members organize and initiate group buys. In the...
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    Hello from Northern California!

    Hello! First off, very cool community. I have a colleague that use to work on the laser that shot missiles out of the sky and I hang out at a place in Menlo Park called Techshop where a dude use to make hydrogen fluoride lasers in Costa Mesa, NM that has an output in the megawatt range. He told...