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    PHR-805 damaged?

    I finally recived my laser goggles yesterday and started to assembly my PHR-805 module. Its now working and i get a laser-ish output, but its nothing like the power i thought it would have, from what i have heard a 80-100mW 405nm diode would light a match when focused. I have set the power to...
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    405nm Goggles

    Im looking for 2 pairs of 405nm goggles in Europe for a decent price. I found those, could they be trusted to give enought protection from a 100mW 405nm laser? LED Light Protection Glasses Teeth Whitening Safety Goggles UV Laser Glasses | eBay If not, can anyone help me to find some goggles in...
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    European laser shops?

    What European laser shops do you guys know about? I have found one in UK: http://odicforce.com/ Germany: http://www.insaneware.de/ Help me and the forum list sources for lasers in Europe :)
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    WTB 405nm module/diode + goggles

    Im looking for a 405nm laser module or diode, atleast 100mW. A 405nm coated Plano-Convex with about 300mm focal length is on my list aswell. Im also looking for 2 pairs of goggles with 405nm protection. If you got something just send me a message =)
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    405nm beam focus to tiny dot?

    Hi, I m trying to figure out what i need to build a laser module with 405nm and a beam with a dot size of about 0,1mm at 30-40cm. What optics would i need to use? Please point me in the right direction :) I dont care what the beam looks like further away.
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    Choose a 405nm 120-200mW laser module?

    I need help from you laser pros! Im developing a SLA 3D Laser printer, to cure the resin i need a 405nm laser module(im controlling it with a microcontroller so i need the leads) with a output-power in the range of 120-200mW. I cant buy a cheap "chinese 200mW laser" that gives me 20mW or...
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    Laptop internal soundcard with Heathcliff - slow speed?

    Hello, This is my first post on a laser forum so excuse me if im asking strange questions =) I have bought a pair of 20kpps galvos. The plan is to use them for a 3D printer later on but for now im just trying to learn and controll them. At the moment im using the software Heathcliff and my...